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automation controllers use the


distributed control technology to bring easy, cost-effective intelligence to high performance drive systems.

smarty apps

are pre-configured generic packages for common applications:
  • smarty

    OPTION-1101, Open Loop Constant Tension Center Winder
  • smarty

    OPTION-1102, Closed Loop Dancer Controlled Center Winder
  • smarty

    OPTION-1103, Closed Loop Load Cell Controlled Center Winder
  • smarty

    OPTION-1104, Closed Loop Slip Core Winder

Printing Press, Precision Tension Winder

These generic configurations can be edited by the intuitive

drive.web savvy

graphical tools to suit the particular application. The clear signal flow diagrams are stored in the controllers for reliable access in the field.

  • Fully editable configurations and drawings
  • Drive Interface either serial port or analog
  • Process control & winder function block libraries
  • Web break sensing
  • Diameter calculation, memory, preset and hold
  • Linear or hyperbolic taper tension
  • Friction, inertia & torque compensation
  • Multiple core presets
  • Integral reset
  • Adaptive control for high speed systems
  • Standstill tension mode
  • Jog/run/slack take up modes
  • Turret indexing mode
  • Anti-reverse clamps
  • Core speed matching

smarty OPTION-1101

Open Loop Center Winder


Special features include:

  • Static and dynamic friction compensation
  • Inertia compensation
  • Diameter calculation
  • Torque compensation
  • Torque demand range limits

drive.web apps

are very easy to interface to most line and winder drives, operator stations and PLCs over Ethernet, RS485 serial communications or via analog and logic wired connections.

High Speed Printing Press Infeed Turret Unwinder

High Speed Printing Press Infeed Turret Unwinder