Process Control Function Block Library (dwOPTION -05)

This library contains a large array of general automation and process control function blocks for easy solutions to applications such as:
  • Multiple drive coordination in printing, coating, laminating, converting, extrusion lines
  • Sequential, switch, conditional and state logic
  • Pump, flow, and pressure control
  • Mixing, blending and recipe control
  • Packaging, form/fill, wrapping, sealing
  • Temperature, power and energy control
The Function Blocks are organized in an intuitive, right-click accessible, hierarchical menu:

The best way to explore this library is to:
  1. Download the savvy tools.
  2. Create a “Phantom" of a


  3. Left-click on the device icon to drill down into the “Signal Flow Diagram."
  4. Right-click anywhere to select a function block of interest from the FB menu.
You can then immediately start to build a control scheme by dragging and dropping between parameters.
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