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drive.web … configures, connects & controls …
everything, from anywhere!

Driving the IIoT - Industrial Internet of Things!

smarty Universal Automation
smarty Universal

Full featured, programmable controllers with…

  • precision analog i/o
  • fast logic i/o
  • encoder i/o
  • communications gateways
  • USB for system wide programming
  • drive.web

    peer-to-peer Ethernet

  • …and much more!

speedy Embedded Automation
speedy Embedded

Tiny, full featured, programmable controllers
for embedding into drives, sensors, HMIs, etc.

  • provides device “smarts”
  • communications gateways
  • USB for device & system wide programming
  • drive.web

    peer-to-peer Ethernet

  • …and much more!

savvy Smart Tools
Smart Tools

Provide seamless system integration from anywhere.

  • configure devices (drives, sensors, controllers, HMIs, etc)
  • design systems
  • perform diagnostics
  • create system documentation
  • platform independent
  • Internet access
  • multi-user
  • …and much more!

savvyPanel Touch Screens
Touch Screens

Full featured HMI technology providing…

  • machine & process graphics
  • operator buttons, setters & indicators
  • multi-screen & multi-level views
  • multi-system navigation
  • also runs on iOS, Windows, Mac OSX, Linux
  • drive.web

    peer-to-peer Ethernet

  • …and much more!

complete systems integration in one environment

Try drive.web live on your iPhone or iPad now

...get the free savvyPanel app from the Apple app store and control a live system in our plant in Maryland, USA. Click here for more information!

drive.web distributed control over Ethernet

savvy tools and smart interface devices bring your entire system together in one homogeneous environment…
  • touch screen operator stations
  • drives - AC, DC, Servos, Steppers
  • full featured programmable control
  • distributed i/o
  • Internet connectivity
  • WiFi roaming access
  • Multi-system management

Cost effective in automation systems of any size or complexity!

• process lines • packaging • motion control • machine tools • printing • material handling • fluid control
• thermal processes • automated assembly • energy management • building systems