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- The ultimate touchscreen operator technology

A powerful, multi-level, multi-display, graphical operator station option that will run on any touchscreen computer (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, etc.) and also on iOS for the iPad, iPhone, iPod, etc.

savvyPanel is both a powerful systems design tool and a unique multi-user, multi-level touchscreen operator interface technology.

  • Create clear process line drawings.
  • Add all the pushbuttons, pots, meters, annunciators, switches, etc. you need.
  • Machine graphic "tiles" can be linked to detail screens or local operator controls with unlimited hierarchy.
  • savvyPanel

    Systems Page

    shows all systems in your plant.
  • savvyPanel

    Home Page

    shows an overview of a specific machine or process.
  • savvyPanel

    Operator Pages

    are used to provide a hierarchy of operator and information screens for a machine or process.
  • Use powerful password protection for multi-level access control — Operators, Engineers, Administrators, etc.
  • Use a WiFi connected roaming computer to look at everything that is available without having to pre-load the system data.


will run on any full-featured touchscreen PC using later versions of MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and others.

A demo of savvyPanel technology is built into the latest version of the savvy tools.

Go to the File menu and open a new viewer. Go to the File menu again and select "Open


" - you will now have the Device Directory and Open


in two separate windows so you can explore and work in both the control and the system environments at the same time.

Drag parameters from the system window to the "Open


" window to create linked operator devices such as meters, push buttons, pots etc. It's unique, it's easy, it's everything you need for coordinated control systems.

All savvyPanel graphics and configuration data reside in the drive.web devices.

This unique feature ensures very high reliability, fast performance, total integration with the system and the unique ability to connect immediately with a roaming computer. Download the drive.web control technology overview.

Download the free savvyPanel iOS app from the Apple App Store and immediately see the live demo interface to a real drive system in our plant in Stevensville, MD USA!

  • Touch the "Roll Change" button to reset the roll yardage to zero.
  • Turn on all the section switches.
  • Touch the "line start" push button and watch the coating line accelerate, run, and automatically decelerate to a stop at the set roll length.
  • Touch the "Set Speed" indicator and change the line speed (touch the square screen toggle icon to return).
Imagine how useful this would be in providing roaming access all around your machine...and all the machines in your plant...and all the plants in your enterprise!

The extrusion/laminating line example above shows a typical display. Touching an image tile enables you to drill down to additional detail screens or to change setpoint values. The entire display configuration is stored in the


drives and programmable controllers in your system for ultra-reliable control and the ability to roam with a WiFi interface.

Free online training



! Learn more about the


technology at our free weekly online seminars. There's no charge, it's fully interactive with the presenter and it takes about an hour to show you how to configure drives, build systems, create signal flow documentation, use trend charts, etc. Simply call (410) 604-3400 or contact to register for a seminar.

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