Encoder Control Function Block Library (dwOPTION -11)

This library contains all of the tools you will need for precision speed and position control in applications such as:

  • Print registration
  • Electronic line shaft
  • Indexing
  • Precision draw
  • Spindle orientation
  • Carrousel control
  • Cut to length
Encoder pulse counts are 64-bit numbers, thus ensuring that any process is unlikely to overrun a position count in our lifetime!
Available function blocks:
Encoder FBL - Selector

Make it easy for yourself! The phase lock function block incorporates everything you need to make this happen in one smart block.


Encoder FBL - Phase Lock

Some of the performance critical function blocks are automatically linked by selecting them in an embedded parameter to ensure high speed, high resolution data processing.


For instance in the Cyclic Position control scheme below the Encoder 1 position count data is automatically connected directly to the Encoder Indexed Cyclic Position function block.

Encoder FBL - 1 Cyclic Position
Encoder FBL - Indexed Cyclic Position

Registration control is one of the most demanding tasks that you can ask of a programmable controller. In a conventional controller, it typically requires many lines of complex code, which is difficult to execute and even more difficult to troubleshoot. drive.web makes it easy.

Encoder FBL - Registration FB

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