Smart Operator Interfaces

savvyPanel - Smart, touch screen operator station technology


is a unique display technology that is controlled entirely by the system drives, programmable controllers and


devices - the display configuration does NOT reside in the display. This provides some very distinct advantages over a conventional HMI:
  • Mobile devices, such as iPads, can roam freely from machine to machine, process to process without needing a specific machine configuration installed.
  • Complete access to the display and it’s configuration is available from anywhere on the LAN or WAN using the savvy tools even when it is a third party PC display.
  • The display is completely homogeneous in the system thereby eliminating potential data structure conflicts and communications issues.

savvyPanel Overview

savvyPanel provides unprecedented flexibility in instrumentation, control and monitoring.

  • Runs native on a savvyPanel station high resolution, touchscreen display.
  • Also runs on any full featured, touchscreen PC or on iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, etc.)
  • Extensive library of objects such as pushbuttons, switches, meters, indicators, lamps, buzzers, etc.
  • Extensive library of graphical image “tiles” to build smart machine and process graphics.
  • Machine graphic “tiles” can be linked to detail control screens.
  • Full savvyPanel configuration is stored in drive.web devices for instant WiFi “roaming” access.
  • Supports multiple screens with multiple pages.
  • Provides hierarchical access to system groups, individual systems and multiple operator levels.
  • Powerful multi-level password protection.

Example – Extrusion Coating Line

Master System Control Station
Extruder Screen
Temperature Control Screen
Easily build your graphics and controls and link them to any location in your drives or process control system.
Touch a graphic tile such as the “EXTRUDER” to drill down to the detail screen
Touch an arrow link such as the “TEMP CONTROL” tile to drill down to the temperature control system.
Touch the “MELT TEMP” tile in any screen to set the master temperature set point.