Motion Control Systems
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motion control solutions provide all the functions you need to provide coordinated, multi-axis automation.
For multi-axis motion control of all types of drives - AC drives, DC drives, servos, steppers, hydraulic, linear actuator, etc., in a wide variety of general industrial position control applications including:
  • Pick & place machines
  • Packaging machines
  • Painting Robots
  • Cut to length
  • Automated assembly processes

Trapezoidal Motion

A key requirement for numerous machine controls.


Key Features:

  • Continuous target recalculation
  • Easy system set up
  • Easy performance optimization
  • Pause with controlled accel/decel
  • Hold with fast stop
Trapezoidal Motion

Cam Profile

A key requirement for numerous machine controls.


Key Features:

  • Easy graphical profile error
  • Optional .csv file import
  • Easy .csv file export
  • Easy system set up
  • Easy integration with multiple axes
  • Up to 100 “knots” or points for complex profiles
  • 16 bit signed input and output resolution for accurate cam forms
Cam Profile

very smart!

motion control Stepper Drive Controllers

These stepper drive controller options are available for most versions of the smarty (LINK TO SMARTY)

Both options include:

  • 2 channels of pulse & direction
  • 2 fast event inputs for count reset
  • 64 bit pulse counts
  • Automatic datum reset
  • Easy set up
  • Selectable count persistence with “clear on power up”

dwOPTION -37 Open Loop Stepper Drive Controller

In a typical open loop stepper drive application, the “Position” parameter (derived from the pulse count) can be used to close the position control loop.

dwOPTION -38 Closed Loop Stepper Drive Controller

In a typical closed loop stepper drive application the position feedback can be provided by an encoder. The dwOPTION -42-45 encoder module also has two fast event inputs for auto count reset.