speedy Embedded & Onboard Controllers

A family of miniature controllers designed to embed or mount onboard devices,
such as drives, to provide full-featured automation functions and peer-to-peer networking.

Base unit features 100baseTX Ethernet,


distributed control, and USB port.

So small it’s easy to miss, so smart it’s impossible to beat!

Only 0.78” x 0.79” x 1.37”
(20 x 20 x 35mm)

  • The easiest, affordable way to get all your drives & devices up onto peer to peer Ethernet

  • Improve your system bandwidth by reducing your RS485 network load

  • Add full featured programmable control

  • Same huge processing power as a


  • 100baseTX Ethernet peer-to-peer networking

  • USB port for easy system wide programming

  • Fast ModbusRTU or CANbus device interface

dw221 embedded speedy controller for PL/X Series drives

dw221 embedded speedy controller for PL/X Series drives

Smart Distributed Control Concept

  • No system bandwidth degradation with systems of any size
  • One completely homogeneous environment for drives, controls,
    operator stations, i/o – everything!
  • Complete data consistency throughout a system
  • The ability to store the entire system configuration in the controllers for
    easy field total access
  • The ability to manage total system program thread and hierarchy
  • Consistent multi-level password protection

Key Features

  • Ethernet peer-to-peer networking
  • Gateway options for ModbusTCP/IP, EIP, CANopen and others
  • Internet access
  • Graphical Signal Flow Diagram system documentation
  • Easy interface to most operator stations, PLCs, SCADA, etc.
  • Event driven emails from devices


  • 16-bit integer basic arithmetic
  • 32-bit floating point calculator functions

Standard savvyPanel Library

For iPad, iPhone, and touchscreen PC operator stations with arrows, meters, start and stop pushbuttons.

Standard Function Block Library

  • Adders, Subtracters, Multipliers, Dividers, Clamps, Switches, Logic
  • Event driven email messages
  • Full featured PI controllers

Optional Function Block Libraries

  • Advanced Process Control & PLC
  • Winder Control
  • Advanced Math