drive.web Distributed Control

drive.web distributed control uses Ethernet as the backbone for parallel processing in multiple drive.web devices. As you add more devices to a system, the processing power increases and there is no loss of performance.
  • speedy Universal Automation Controllers - mounted onboard or embedded in drives.
  • smarty Universal Automation Controllers - mounted anywhere to provide system i/o and programmable control functions.
  • savvyPanel touch screen PC or iOS device controller.
  • savvy tools for system design, drive configuration, monitoring, and control.

drive.web Performance

drive.web uses distributed control over Ethernet to provide peer to peer connectivity between programmable controllers, drives, HMIs, and all of your i/o.

  • Connections between parameters are point to point directly over Ethernet.
  • Every drive.web device is a powerful programmable controller that performs parallel processing over Ethernet.
  • Logic and control functions can be performed in any device.
  • Ethernet provides a very fast backbone to a drive.web system that is unlimited in the number of devices that can be connected.
  • The Ethernet backbone is far less expensive and far better performing than any PLC rack, PSU and CPU.
  • The drive.web Ethernet architecture ensures that there is no loss of performance, regardless of how many devices are on the network.
  • Each drive.web device adds parallel processing power to the system so that you NEVER run out of processing capacity.
  • A drive.web system has unlimited processing capacity unlike a conventional PLC or PAC.
  • A drive.web system can accommodate an unlimited amount of i/o without performance loss unlike a conventional PLC or PAC.
  • A drive.web system uses one set of savvy tools from any location on your network for everything, unlike a conventional PLC or PAC system.