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division of Bardac Corporation started work on our first generation of distributed control products in 2002, with the objective of creating a solution to the classic systems integration problems of:
  1. disparate methods of connection between devices
  2. bandwidth limitations imposed but the conventional CPU topology of PLCs and PACs
  3. having to use multiple programming tools using multiple languages for system devices such as drives, PLCs, operator stations, instruments, etc.
  4. system configuration stored in multiple files and not accessible from compiled data in devices
  5. inability to access the entire system from one location on the LAN or from the Internet
The goal was to be able to configure, connect and control … everything, from anywhere!

This was a major undertaking that had eluded the entire industrial automation industry! It required a major investment and a commitment to resolving a number of fundamental technological issues before any product design work could commence. For example, Ethernet was a prime candidate for the backbone connectivity between control devices but it required some innovation to ensure that it could be made deterministic (guaranteed message times - fast is simply not good enough) for reliable use in high performance control applications. After considerable research we solved the problem!

The next step was to create a fundamental architecture for the long term goal of providing totally integrated systems. The best brains in 21st century computer science combined with the best expertise in industrial automation created a concept - a long term road map and evolutionary path that would ensure 100% backward compatibility as a broad range of products emerged over many years.

After three years of fundamental research and development the first generation

drive.web smarty

Universal Automation Controller (UAC) was launched. It used distributed control over Ethernet to provide easy networking and Internet access and offered a wide range of i/o options. The


distributed control concept enabled any number of


to operate as parallel processors thereby ensuring no loss of bandwidth or processing power and providing cost effective control in systems of any size or complexity.

Since then, the


product line has grown to include speedy embedded processors for drives and other devices together with the

savvyPanel touch

operator station technology that runs on any PC or iOS device.

In 2010 a second generation of


UACs and operator stations emerged with more features, better performance and even lower cost and the technology became unbeatable!



tools are a key element to the product success. They run on all major platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.) and use intuitive graphical function block programming with clear signal flow diagram presentation for all tasks. These tasks include “relay” logic, complex state machine logic, analog signal processing, motion control, position control, operator controls and i/o management.


does everything in one homogeneous environment; configures controllers, makes connections, provides all the control functions you will need.

In spite of the amazing evolution of such an advanced technology, we still have 100% backward compatibility with all the


products and software. This is just one important result of the initial architectural planning! We have a lot of new products in development - keep watching, we might surprise you!

The unique


technology sets us apart.

drive.web automation

… unequalled, unbeatable, world class!