Training Videos

drive.web savvy-SFD Introductory Seminar

The drive.web savvy-SFD Introductory Seminar provides an overview of the drive.web distributed control technology and its products.

In this video, new users can expect to learn how to:
  • Create a "phantom" drive system with AC & DC drives
  • Navigate around drive block diagrams and drive systems
  • Create signal flow diagrams and system documentation drawings
  • Find information and identify object attributes
  • Make connections between devices
  • Monitor and set parameter values
  • Create and use parameter "docks"
  • Show parameter value trend charts, etc.
This introductory seminar is offered live online every other Friday at 11:00 AM EST, with time reserved at the end of every session for Q&A.
For more information on the next online training seminar, please call (410) 604-3400 or email
These sessions are open to the public and are free of charge.