Basic Function Block Library



device has a Basic Function Block Library that includes a useful range of functions that can be instantiated as often as necessary and connected by drag & drop to perform basic control schemes. All function block graphics are dynamic, so all objects such as switches, contacts, indicators and parameters show their real-time state or value.

Adders, Dividers, Multipliers, Sign Changers, Subtractors, Clamps.


Here are examples of some of the Arithmetic function blocks:

Adder FB
Multiplier FB
Clamp FB

The basic PI controller is suitable for most closed loop control applications.


This function block includes all of the features you will need for demanding industrial applications, such as:

  • Integral preset
  • Independent upper and lower output clamps
  • Together with monitoring points for all the key variables including error, clamp state, and PI terms

Here is an example of the PI Controller Function Block:
PI Controller FB

AND, NOT, OR, 2-In Switch, 2-Out Switch


Easy to use logic functions enable you to build basic interlocks and control schemes. Here are examples of some of the logic function blocks:

2-IN Switch FB

These control the behavior of


touchscreen devices such as pushbuttons, setters, meters and indicator lamps.

The Function Blocks include setpoint/feedback monitors, set/reset latches, monitors, setters, etc.

Here is an examples of a savvyPanel function blocks:

SP + Monitor FB

Utilities enable you to handle different data types, send event driven emails and monitor the operation of your system and network.

  • Parameter blocks for analog, binary, Boolean, enumerations, hexadecimal
  • email notifications
  • Indicators
  • Network statistics
  • Watchdogs

Here are examples of some of the Utility function blocks:

E-mail Function Block
Indicator FB

Watchdog FB