Smart System Navigation

In the homogeneous


environment, everything is available from anywhere. The

savvy tools

incorporate all the best features you would expect to find in a state of the art browser and a lot more.


Important! The


environment is hierarchical. You can “browse back” to your previous view or “browse forward” if you have gone back to a previous view. You can also “browse up” from a function block level to the Signal Flow Diagram level, or from the Signal Flow Diagram to the device directory level.


Click on any active object to drill down into a more detailed level, then use “browse up” to return to your previous view.

Click to drill down into next level

Connection tags

These appear when there is a connection from a parameter in a function block to another parameter that may be shown on another page or in a different device. Click on the tag to jump to the other end of the connection. You can click “browse back” to return to where you just were.

Ramp output connection

Motion block setpoint inbound connection


A blue arrow on a parameter indicates that it has a connection linked to it. Hover over the link arrow and a menu arrow will appear that will show you the source or destination of the link. “Browse back” to return to where you started - so easy, so intuitive!
Outgoing link:
Ramp output link info
Incoming link:
Ramp input link info