Function Block Libraries Overview

Programming in the


environment is done by building your control scheme with function blocks that you connect together by dragging and dropping between parameter “terminals” in at completely intuitive way.For example, here is a basic PID controller:Simply click on a function block and it drills you down to the operational detailTerminal inputs for Setpoint & Feedback are connected to the PID inputs and the PID output is connected to an output terminal … very simple … no tortuous lines of code and everything is visible in a totally intuitive form.Simply click on a function block and it drills you down to the operational detail:Basic PID Controller

To help you manage your function blocks more easily they are accessed via specific application oriented libraries:

This library is incorporated in every drive.web device (




, etc.)

It contains a suite of functions to enable you to build basic systems, including:

  • Basic arithmetic
  • Clamps
  • PI controllers
  • Logic and switch functions
  • Numerous utility functions including, email notification, indicators, system watchdogs and more.

Here is an example of the Basic Function Block selector:

Basic FBL Selector
E-mail Function Block

Contains a wide selection of functions that enable you to build complex systems with ease. Here are some examples of the Function Block selector:

Process Control FBL Selection
Process Control Selector

Contains very powerful function blocks to help you tackle even the most complex winder applications with ease. Here is an example of the selector:

Winder FBL Selector

This library contains all the math functions you might need for the most complex of applications. It also includes a powerful calculator that helps you build complete multi step mathematical programs. Here is an example of the Advanced Math Function selector:

Advanced Math FBL Selector

This library is dedicated to precision control functions that use incremental encoders for applications such as phase lock, registration, indexing, position control, etc. Counts use rising and falling edges of both phase and quadrature pulses up to 64 bits for exceptional accuracy and range.

Here is an example of the Encoder Function Block selector:

Encoder FBL Selector

A powerful tool for optimizing the performance of solar energy systems. It includes compensation for Terrestrial Time ∂T. Provides accurate earth orientation calculation for applications such as telescope orientation, radar synchronization and if you are thinking of launching a space ship from your back yard it might help you point it roughly in the right direction!

Solar FBL Selector
Sun Position FB

Provides simplified, intuitive solutions for functions such as Trapezoidal and Cam motions. Suitable for use with AC and DC drives, stepper drives and most servo drives. It includes options for encoder feedback with 64-bit count capability. Here is an example of the Function Block selector:

Motion Control FBL Selector