Update savvy for Windows

Select either 32 or 64-bit, then click the link to download the most current version of drive.web savvy for Windows.

Once downloaded, open installSavvy.zip. After unzipping the file, locate 'setup.exe' in the newly created folder and double-click to open it. Follow the instructions provided in the installer and reinstall savvy. This will update your copy of savvy to the most current build.

NOTE: Reinstalling savvy DOES NOT alter any user settings or -SFD capabilities; it only updates your software.
Download drive.web savvy for Windows

Hardware Requirements:

  • Processor –
    • 1GHz Intel dual-core or equivalent processor is the minimum.
    • 2GHz Intel multi-core or equivalent processor is strongly recommended.
    • NOTE: The application may run on slower machines, but it will be sluggish and may suffer from comms timeouts.
  • RAM –
    • 32-bit machines – 4GB RAM is preferred, 2GB RAM is the minimum.
    • 64-bit machines – 8GB RAM is preferred, 4GB RAM is the minimum.
  • Screen Resolution –
    • XGA (1024×768) screen resolution is strongly recommended as the minimum
    • Higher screen resolutions, e.g., SXGA (1280×1024) or UXGA (1600×1200) are
    • NOTE: The application will likely work with lower resolution screens, but it is not designed or tested for resolutions less than XGA.
  • Network Hardware – An unmanaged Ethernet switching hub is required between drive.web devices with peer-to-peer connections. An Ethernet hub may be used ONLY for monitoring purposes. The application uses standard TCP/IP networking over Ethernet.
    • Download the file ‘installSavvy.zip’. The ZIP file is sent to the Downloads folder.
    • Locate the zip file in the Downloads folder. This screenshot shows a shortcut link to Downloads in a Firefox browser.

This image shows the options available in Chrome, immediately following the download.

    • Right-click on the zip file in Windows Explorer to invoke the zip file extraction wizard.


    • The zip File extraction wizard suggests a folder to extract to.


  • Locate ‘setup.exe’ in the new folder and double-click.
Currently, American English is the only language that is supported.

-- build 381 [2024-03-20] --
fixed a bug in P2 enclosure options
fixed a bug in and deprecated ’Set Device IP Address ...'
added savvyPanel enhancements:
  confirmation or password
  change page on set
added savvyPanel Sytem info to device rollover
added 'New Dock' option to 'Add to Parameter Dock'

-- build 380 [2024-02-05] --
minor bug fixes

-- build 379 [2024-02-05] --
added support for all enclosure options for P2
added support for 'Utility / Cloud Notification' function block

-- build 378 [2023-11-27] --
added support for 'Parameters / {In, Out} Group {1B5A5F, 16H, 16A, 8F}'
added 'Create Multiple Connections' facility (shift+ctrl drag)
added support for float multi-parameter ops in 'ModbusTCP Master / MbTm Generic'

-- build 377 [2023-10-23] --
added support for 'Parameters / Float {Out, In} OctoBlock's
various changes in the reserved parameters to support PL-Series V6.42
fixed a bug where pending connections from a deleted and rediscovered device could fail

-- build 376 [2023-09-22] --
added support for arrow pushbutton tiles
fixed a graphics error (Current Loop Off Warning switch) in PL-Series V6.42

-- build 375 [2023-08-15] --
fixed issues with E3 series S-200 parameter

-- build 374 [2023-07-27] --
updated default configuration for PLX

-- build 373 [2023-07-19] --
fixed a bug where program storage used was reported to be half of what it really was
fixed a bug in 'ModbusTCP Master / MbTm Generic' lifecycle management

-- build 372 [2023-06-16] --
fixed a bug in the 'Control / State Machine' editor where the wrong relationship operator was shown in the "folded" view for floating point operations
added support for ‘I/O (FT) / FTx Motion v2’

-- build 371 [2023-05-31] --

-- build 370 [2023-05-31] --
[not generally released]
added support for ‘Motion Control / Cyclic Position v3’
added support for dw24X issue N

-- build 369 [2023-04-20] --
added "Login" tile support
added support for ‘Logic / 8-Bit Gray Encoder’
included PL/X software 6.42

-- build 368 [2023-03-23] --
added support for ‘Motion Control / Shaft Lock v3’
updated dw25X icons

-- build 367 [2022-11-18] --
added support for additional E3 models
added support for ‘Control / Section Control v2’
fixed a bug when modifying dw24x/25X phantoms
added support for 'savvyPanel / Set Page'

-- build 366 [2022-09-28] --
contains dw230-0x3043.dw-firmware

-- build 365 [2022-09-27] --
added support for 'savvyPanel / Pushbutton Timeout'
added support for 'Logic / 8-Bit Binary Encoder'
added new menu item 'Directory -> Devices -> Import Recipe from .CSV file...'
added 'Logic / 4-Bit Binary Encoder' and 'Logic / 16-Bit Binary Encoder' to 'basic' library

-- build 364 [2022-08-22] --
fixed a problem where multi-homed computers did not always discover devices
changed key accelerator for exit in Windows to alt-F4 (was ctrl-X)
updated QuickStart for PL
made P2 parameter P1-07 min & max model-dependent
added some function block documentation

-- build 363 [2022-06-22] --
added support for additional P2 models
added savvyPanel system name to device directory list view

-- build 362 [2022-06-10] --
fixed a bug in the State Machine editor involving dummy FP parameters
added support for 'I/O (FT) / FTx Motion'
added support for 'Utility / Thermocouple Linearizer'
added support for 'Control / PID v3'
added support for 'Switches / 16-In Switch (alt2)'
added support for P2 software version 2.51
added 'Show Affected Parameters' menu item to 'State Machine', 'Sequence List', 'Recipe', and 'ModbusTCP Master'
added support for 'Motion Control / Shaft Lock v2'

-- build 361 [2022-04-01] --

-- build 360 [2022-03-30] --
fixed a bug where killing a lock via USB did not work

-- build 359 [2022-03-24] --
added support for 'Logic Gate / Edge Detector'
added support for 'Timers / Adjustable Delay'
fixed a bug in the State Machine editor
added support for E3 version 3.11
added full support for dw25X
added support for 'Switches / 16-in Switch (alt)'

-- build 358 [2022-01-21] --

-- build 357 [2022-01-21] --
[not generally released]

-- build 356 [2022-01-20] --
[not generally released]

-- build 355 [2022-01-20] --
[not generally released]
updated 'Load Firmware' functions
added support for 'I/O (AIO) / RMS Analog Input'
made several UI improvements to 'Control / Sequence List' editor
made several UI improvements to 'Control / State Machine' editor
fixed a bug where some exported properties were not properly XML escaped 
added support for 'Utility / Alarms v2'
fixed a potential launching problem on macOS
added support for 'Parameters / Float Pass-Through'
enhanced and reorganized device group operations
fixed a bug in 'Logic / 16-bit Encoder' where 'Output' max value was incorrect
added 'Blink Fault LED...' menu item

-- build 354 [2021-11-16] --
added support for 'Floating Point / Multiplier - Divider'

-- build 353 [2021-11-16] --
added support for 'savvyPanel / Float Setpoint'
added support for 'savvyPanel / Float Monitor'
added support for 'savvyPanel / Float Setpoint & Monitor'
added support for 'savvyPanel / Float Dual Monitor'
added support for 'Shear' tile
fixed a bug where opening a dock that was saved in trend mode might hang
fixed a bug where savvyPanel names were not properly escaped for XML exports
fixed a problem that prevented launching on macOS Monterey
added support for JL-series version 2.41
changed drag-copy modifier for "maintain addresses" from 'ctrl' to 'ctrl-shift'

-- build 352 [2021-08-13] --
added support for 'I/O (AIO) / AIx Digital Input' function blocks
added preliminary support for dw25X
improved support for E3

-- build 351 [2021-05-24] --
added support for 'Counters / Extended Counter Comparator'
added support for dw240-C6 phantoms
improved 'Change User Enumerations' dialog
added support for 'Color Indicator' tile
added support for 'savvyPanel / Color Switch' & 'savvyPanel / HSV to Color' function blocks
fixed a graphics bug in 'Control / Profiler v2'

-- build 350 [2021-03-10] --
fixed a regression where dragging unplaced function blocks did not work

-- build 349 [2021-03-04] --
fixed bugs in the trend tile

-- build 348 [2021-03-02] --
NOTE: not generally released
fixed some drag-and-drop bugs
improved trending for floating point parameters

-- build 347 [2021-02-23] --
fixed a bug where 'fp' trend button legend was not visible on Windows platform

-- build 346 [2021-02-23] --
fixed a bug where terminal legends did not appear for flex2 & flex3 hardware
added a special error message for 'Set IP Address' case of subnet != 0 & router == 0
changed 'Subnet Mask' UI to a popup menu instead of a text field
added support for 'Apple silicon' platform
added a (hidden) preference to force a full screen window for panel mode
added support for 'Logic / Most Significant Bit'
added support for 'Filters / Cumulative Moving Average'

-- build 345 [2020-12-03] --
added preference for scrollwheel zoom gain and inversion
added preliminary support for E3 v3.09
changed prices per marketing
added SHA256 cryptographic hashes for all platforms
added a check for older firmware when importing

-- build 344 [2020-10-01] --
fixed a bug where connections were not allowed into parameters affected by function blocks
added support for 'Control / Drive Start Logic'
added limit values to exception dialog for 'Address is out of range'

-- build 343 [2020-08-05] --
fixed a bug in handling exceptions during crypto checks
added support for 'Motion Control / Linear Position v3'
added support for 'Control / Profiler v2'
added additional checks to IP addressing

-- build 342 [2020-05-26] --
fixed a regression bug in handling state names in the 'Logic / State Machine X-X' editor 

-- build 341 [2020-05-22] --
fixed a regression bug in handling recipe names in the 'Utility / Recipe' editor 
fixed a bug where command line arguments were not being passed when launched from a JAR file
updated user manual

-- build 340 [2020-05-08] --
fixed a database error where some 'Parameter' FBs were marked as legacy

-- build 339 [2020-05-01] --
fixed an obfuscation bug that prevented instructions from being added in the State Machine editor

-- build 338 [2020-04-29] --
fixed several bugs related to object data items larger than 512 bytes
added support for 'Control / State Machine' & 'Control / Sequence List'
added support for 'Motion Control / Event Divider'
added support for connection auto-conversion between float and standard parameters
added support for 'Logic / 8-Way Bit Selector'
added support for 'Parameters / {Analog, Boolean, Enumerated, Hexadecimal, Binary} {Out, In} OctoBlock's
added support for 'Parameters / {Analog, Boolean, Enumerated, Hexadecimal, Binary} Pass-Through's
fixed a bug in 'Setup for Shipping' where explicit IP addresses were used instead of the logical local address
added support for 'Utility / Alarms'
added support for 'Parameters / {Analog, Boolean, Enumerated, Hexadecimal, Binary, Float} {Left, Right} Parameter's
added code notarization for macOS

-- build 337 [2019-12-16] --
added checks to prevent overflowing the program space
improved decoding of some log entries
added support for 'Motion Control / Event Timer v2' & 'Motion Control / Event Measurer'
added support for 'Motion Control / Registration v1' & 'Motion Control / Event One Shot'
added support for 'Floating Point / Calculator' & 'Floating Point / Modbus Helper'

-- build 336 [2019-08-29] --
added support for P2 software version 2.45

-- build 335 [2019-08-13] --
worked around Windows "Shear Affine Transform Text" bug
updated savvyPanel device sizing support
fixed an address limit bug in 'Utility / Indirect'
improved 'Import Device Data' dialog for non-matching cases
added support for Optidrive E3 version 3.08
added support for Optidrive E3 with single-phase output

-- build 334 [2019-05-13] --
added support for passcodes for savvyPanel page link tiles

-- build 333 [2019-05-07] --
NOTE: not generally released
added support for 'Floating Point / 2-In Switch' and 'Floating Point / 2-Out Switch' function blocks
added support for 'Floating Point / Track and Hold' and 'Floating Point / Clamp' function blocks
added support for 'Floating Point / Moving Average Filter' and 'Floating Point / S Ramp' function blocks

-- build 332 [2019-04-04] --
added support for dw24X
added scrolling to pop-up menus to support small screens
added support for 'Floating Point / Comparator' function block
added support for 'Utility / Shared Parameters' function block
added support for E3 software version 3.07

-- build 331 [2018-12-11] --
changed application packaging so that a Java is no longer required in the OS

-- build 330 [2018-11-08] --
fixed some bugs in dragging between small memory and large memory devices
fixed a bug where E3 phantoms could get the wrong model-dependent parameter values
removed "clone" suffix from names when duplicating items
external connections are now shown with a different graphic style than internal connections

-- build 329 [2018-08-27] --
added support for floating point, etc.
added support for multi-line notes and notes on all pages
added support for larger persistent memory

-- build 328 [2018-04-20] --
fixed a bug where legacy function blocks could prevent upgrading, cloning, etc.
added checks for function block availability when importing
added support for dw228 (Optidrive E3)
changed icons for dw229

-- build 327 [2018-03-09] --
NOTE: not generally released
fixed a bug with the 'logo' tile 

-- build 326 [2018-02-21] --
fixed a bug that could cause 'demo mode' to fail

-- build 325 [2018-02-14] --
added support for loading JLX firmware
fixed an application packaging problem for 64-bit Windows

-- build 324 [2018-02-08] --
NOTE: not generally released
updated 'Internet Demo Devices' & 'Load Demo Phantoms' support
added support for Java9 on macOS
fixed a bug where base64 encoding was broken by Java9

-- build 323 [2017-12-14] --
fixed a bug where destination parameter sample times were not taken into account when creating external connections

-- build 322 [2017-12-06] --
NOTE: not generally released
added support for no sinking digital outputs on dw21X devices
fixed a bug where importing a recipe via CSV would fail if a recipe was unnamed
added support for writing PL-series PINs 2 & 4 via serial port
fixed a bug where 'ODPmomentary' parameter types did not auto-reset in phantoms
added support for dw224S (SEW LTP-B)
added support for dw229 (Generic CANopen Master)
added preliminary support for dw228 (Optidrive E3)
fixed a bug where long TLDs were not accepted in email addresses
added support for new livery

-- build 321 [2017-06-14] --
added support for dwM7 platform
fixed a bug where external connections were lost by 'Modify Phantom ...'
added tile support for ODPmomentary parameter type
added 'Show As List' to the device directory
added 'Sort By Type' to the device directory
removed 'availability' filter from export
fixed some bugs associated with the JL/X drive
fixed a bug where comms failures were not always indicated for device parameters

-- build 320 [2016-12-19] --
fixes for e-commerce

-- build 319 [2016-10-28] --
added IP66 icons for Optidrive P2
fixed a bug where option -37 or -38 were not reported

-- build 318 [2016-10-28] --
NOTE: not generally released
fixed a bug where savvyPanel system passwords were not being imported into dw230s

-- build 317 [2016-10-27] --
NOTE: not generally released
added support for additional dw230 sizes

-- build 316 [2016-09-28] --
added support for 'Utility / FIFO' function block
added support for 'Latches / SR Persistent Latch' function block

-- build 315 [2016-06-28] --
added support for 'Filters / Sampled Average Filter' function block
fixed a layout problem in the 'Import' dialog that affected some versions of Windows
fixed a bug in importing to dw230 phantoms

-- build 314 [2016-06-28] --
NOTE: not generally released

-- build 313 [2016-06-16] --
NOTE: not generally released
fixed a bug when creating a page link tile on the Alarms page
improved 'Get Detailed Info' message when out of user data space
added support for 'Ramps / Master Ramp' function block
added 'Hide/Show Label' to function block contextual menu
added support for 'Arithmetic / Multiplier/Divider (mini)' function block
added support for 'Utility / Decay Parameter' function block
fixed a bug where free tiles could not be placed directly from the menu in devices without savvyPanel capability
fixed a bug where "dummy" parameters could be added to a dock
fixed some UI graphics issues

-- build 312 [2015-11-24] --
updates to handle new dw230 hardware
updates to handle new dwM5 processor silicon revision
fixed a bug in the bug reporting code
added support for 'ENC1 Linear Position v2' and 'ENC2 Linear Position v2' function blocks
added preliminary support for 'Filters / Batch Average Filter' function block
added preliminary support for 'Ramps / Master Ramp' function block
fixed bugs in import function for dw230
fixed a layout bug in the Coupon Manager when many upgrades were being applied to one module
fixed a bug where custom values for existing enumerations were not copied from connection or clipboard
added ability to set panel page name in panel link tile dialog
added support for Optidrive P2 software version 2.00
added basic checks to 'Set IP address' dialogs

-- build 303 [2015-06-08] --
updates to user manual

-- build 302 [2015-06-04] --
updates to function block info and user manual
improved the recipe editor UI
added adornment descriptions to device hover text
added error descriptions to connection hover text

-- build 301 [2015-04-30] --
version 4.1
changed from Java Web Start to platform-specific programs to avoid JWS offline bugs
fixed several bugs in adding tiles to devices that do not have the savvyPanel capability
fixed a bug where dw230s were polled too often
fixed a bug where dw230s could not always be discovered via USB
fixed a bug where object data could exceed the MTU
added support for program editor savvyPanel tile
fixed the progress indicators for import/export

-- build 281 [2015-03-26] --
fixed a bug in the savvyPanel system name hashing function for non-Latin characters
fixed a bug where deleted FBs were not removed from existing selections
added decoding for event code 0x54 (USB Endpoint 2 message length exceeds buffer size)
modified marshaled polling code for USB devices to limit the length of messages
added "personalizations" for Sprint Electric and Drive Systems Technology
added 'Copy Discovery Set' menu item to device directory (for use with savvyPanel)
added support for dw230 read-only flag (0x300B firmware and later)
added support for 600V ODP2 models
fixed a bug where conditional operations were not marked in the Calculator dialog
fixed a bug where 'Change Model' resulted in an Exception for serial devices
changed update code for transition to version 4.1

-- build 280 [2015-01-21] --
added support for 'parameter over graphics' tiles
page links, parameters, and device links can now be pasted and removed from savvyPanel graphic tiles
parameters and devices can now be dragged onto savvyPanel graphic tiles
fixed a bug in handling the 'Setpoint' parameter of 'savvyPanel / Dual Monitor' in savvyPanel tiles
when using the "up" arrow, now selects the specific SFD page that matches the source FB
fixed a bug where an internal parameter would overlay the 'Control PID v2' 'Output' parameter in SFD
fixed a bug where fixed connections were not shown on the source parameter for the PL-series
updated build system, etc. - now uses Java 7 (and requires Java 7 or later)
fixed a hanging bug in the handling of SFD graphics for serially-connected devices
added support for PL-series version 6.13

-- build 279 [2014-10-29] --
fixed a bug where graphical align, move, etc. menu items did not appear for device function blocks
fixed a bug in the dw230 set-up dialog for explicit discovery
added savvyPanel graphic tiles: tank, reservoir, valve (horizontal, valve (vertical), stacker, dryer, oven
re-organized menus in savvyPanel editor
added "direct" savvyPanel graphic tile selection menus
added support for dragging devices into savvyPanel editor
made some changes to savvyPanel graphics (arrows, device links, etc.)
savvyPanel graphic tile categories re-organized
fixed a bug that prevented parameters in phantom devices from being initialized when using Java 8

-- build 278 was not used --

-- build 277 [2014-10-23] --
fixed parameter data for E2 drive to work around overloaded parameter IDs
fixed graphic for OptidriveP2 RLY1
fixed graphics stubs for internal parameters of 'Ramps / Linear Ramp 2' function block
added usage stats to 'Get Detailed Info' for object data for phantoms
added support for Optidrive E2 software version 1.20
fixed a bug where default values in phantoms were incorrect for packed data types
improved the appearance of the editor for Combinational Logic
added buttons to copy rescale settings from an incoming connection or copied parameter
added buttons to copy user enumerations from an incoming connection or copied parameter
added buttons to copy re-name from an incoming connection or copied parameter
fixed a bug where the analog setter limits did not work correctly for some unusual scalers
added support for 'Control / PID v2' and 'Control / PI v2' function blocks
obsoleted 'Control / PID v1' and 'Control / PI v1' function blocks
added support for 'Clamps / Ramped Clamp' function block
added support for 'Control / Section Control' function block
added support for 'device operation' savvyPanel tiles (save, import, export)
added graphical Align/Distribute for selections
fixed an obfuscation bug that prevented creation of Yaskawa F7 phantoms
added support for 'Counters / Extended Counter' function block
fixed a bug where 'SavvyPanel / Alarm Annunciator' did not work for non-marshaled-poll devices
added graphical move dialog for selections
added graphical "nudge" for selections via ctrl-alt-arrow (1.0) and ctrl-shft-arrow (1 grid)
fixed a bug where phantoms could create excess polling threads
fixed a bug that would cause slowdowns in SFD graphics with dynamic elements
added support for 'Extended Meter' savvyPanel tile (to work with the 'Extended Counter' function block)
added support for 'Logic / Nybble Splitter' function block
added an export filter for the PL-series for parameters without a mnemonic when serially connected

-- build 276 [2014-07-18] --
added automatic generation of a receipt e-mail for credit card transactions
fixed user info labels in phantom 'Get Detailed Info'
for the PL drive, fixed the serial mnemonics associated with 16-Bit demultiplexer drive function block
added support for 'Ramps / Linear Ramp 2' function block
improved presentation of InterfaceLock Exception data
fixed a bug where 'Load Firmware' and 'Load PL/X Software' could fail if auto-discovery was enabled
fixed a bug where the wrong expiration date was used for credit card transactions
added support for PL-series versions 6.11 and 6.12

-- build 275 [2014-04-28] --
added support for dw230
fixed a bug where pasted parameters in SFD could get the wrong symbol if 'Show Parameter Values' was enabled
fixed a bug in group delete
fixed a drag-and-drop bug
added a confirmation dialog when upgrades are applied
fixed a bug where user data was lost from items drag-copied between devices
fixed a bug where the savvyPanel System name was lost when a phantom was modified
added support for 'Utility / Indirect' function block
added support for 'Encoder / ENC Float IO' function block
fixed a bug where PL-series 6.XX software was not available for serial phantoms
fixed an issue where remapping failed for devices exported from USB connections
fixed a bug where stale parameter values were sometimes used during text export

-- build 274 [2014-02-26] --
fixed some concurrency bugs

-- build 273 [2014-02-05] --
added support for 'Logic / 8-bit Binary Decoder' & 'Logic / Byte Splitter' function blocks
fixed a bug in the savvyPanel alarm facility in savvy
updated some internal e-commerce parameters

-- build 272 [2014-01-15] --
fixed a bug where function blocks containing "object" parameter types (e.g. programs) could not be drag-duplicated
fixed a bug where running out of device program space was not handled correctly for phantoms
fixed a concurrency bug that occasionally manifested during import
added support for Optidrive P2 software version v1.30
added support for showing all parameter values in SFD diagrams
added a trusted timestamp to the signed JAR files

-- build 271 [2013-12-04] --
added support for PL-series version 6.10
fixed the default for PL-series parameter 79 in v2 control boards
fixed an oversight where marshaled polling was not used during discovery for dw2X1

-- build 270 [2013-11-15] --
fixed a bug where including a device in a selection would prevent drag, etc. from working
added 'Save All Parameters (PL & JL-series)' menu item to Device Directory menu
added 'Set Graphic Location...' contextual menu item for SFD items
fixed several bugs in drag-copying single function blocks
fixes and changes for JL-series
fixed bugs in the "personalized" JNLP files
improved listing output for state machines
added export/share menu buttons to Info window

-- build 269 [2013-11-05] --
improved the 'Add Function Block ...' dialog
added features for designating and supporting legacy function blocks
added support for 'Utility / Watchdog v2' function block
added support for PL-series version 6.09
added support for links between savvyPanel and devices in SFD
updated the model-determination code for the Optidrive E2
fixed a bug in the Cam Profile editor where the displayed y-coordinates were inverted
pasted user notes are now limited in length to approximately 120 characters
added a specific exception message for when a user tries to connect a PL-series GOTO to a GETFROM
added support for savvyPanel presence system
added support for 'savvyPanel / Presence Monitor' function block
added support for savvyPanel alarm facility
added support for 'savvyPanel / Alarm Annunciator' function block
added limited support for custom logos in savvyPanel
added 'Change Model' function for phantoms
added 'Load Firmware for Devices...' menu item to Device Directory menu
added 'Load PL-series Software...' menu item to Device Directory menu
added 'Modify Phantom' function
border dialog settings are now remembered for phantoms
added support for group selection, move, drag-copy, and delete
updated user manual
updated PL/X Quick Start
added support for JL-series version 1.23

-- build 268 [2013-08-19] --
fixed a bug in serial communications for the Optidrive E2
fixed several problems with the user manual 
fixed a bug for the PL-series where GETFROM-activated FBs were always shown inactive
added support for option -36, and 'Motion Control / Trapezoid Motion' & 'Motion Control / Cam Profile' function blocks
added support for option -37 & -38 and 'Stepper / Stepper 1', 'Stepper / Stepper 2' & 'Stepper / Stepper Status Monitor' function blocks
added support for new PL-series control board, versions 6.07 and 6.08

-- build 267 [2013-06-27] --
fixed a bug in the parameter setters for PL-series PIN 2 and 4
added support for the Optidrive E2 version 1.10
updated user manual

-- build 266 [2013-06-19] --
updated build system, etc. - now uses Java 6 (and requires Java 6 or later)
on Mac OS X, removed Quaqua filechooser (since it is no longer supported)
fixed a crashing bug when an empty string was entered for format in parameter 'Re-Scale'
added support for 'Ramps / Setpoint Programmer' function block
added support for Optidrive P2 software version 1.20
added support for 'Utility / Recipe' function block
added support for 'Frequency / Frequency Speed Lock' and 'Frequency / Frequency Phase Lock' function blocks
added support for 'Frequency / T3 High Frequency Input', 'Frequency / T4 High Frequency Input'
  and 'Frequency / T5 High Frequency Input' function blocks
added support for 'Frequency / Frequency Edge Counter 3' function block
added support for Optidrive P2 digital input option card & relay output option card
added support for Optidrive P2 v1.20 P0 parameters
fixed a bug where "Clear Log' was available for phantoms (which have no log)
added support for 'Logic / 2-Bit Priority Encoder' and 'Logic / 3-Bit Priority Encoder' function blocks
fixed a bug where some names were too long in the Shopping cart
added support for ANSI C, ANSI D, ISO A2, and ISO A1 borders
added preliminary support for option -36, and 'Motion Control / Trapezoid Motion' & 'Motion Control / Cam Profile' function blocks
added support for 'Control / Clamped Integrator' function block
added preliminary support for option -37 & -38, and 'Stepper / Stepper 1' & 'Stepper / Stepper 2' function blocks
improved user note dialog
added support for copying & pasting notes in SFD
added support for 'Utility / Analog Parameter', 'Utility / Boolean Parameter', 'Utility / Enumerated Parameter'
  and 'Utility / Hexadecimal Parameter' function blocks
added support for "Time or Rate" parameters
changed z-order in SFD to place parameters on top of connections
added support for floating point format conversion in 'Math / Calculator' function block
added support for 'Utility / Binary Parameter' and 'Utility / Binary Parameter Block' function blocks
fixed a bug in the shopping cart that would occur if upgrades to multiple product generations were present
added alternative title blocks for some page sizes
changed 'Clear All External Connections' so that connections between the FBE and the device in the local module are not affected

-- build 265 [2012-12-19] --
fixed bugs in the trend decimator
improved the trend decimator
fixed a bug in the code that determines the model for the Optidrive E2

-- build 264 [2012-11-16] --
fixed a bug where 'Import Data and Create Phantoms' failed if there were USB devices in the export file
fixed a graphics bug for the Optidrive E2 where the analog scaling and offset locations were transposed
added support for 'Encoder / ENC Event Counter 2' function block
added support for 'Frequency / Frequency Edge Counter 2' function block
improved the trend facility
added support for PL-series version 5.22 and 5.23

-- build 263 [2012-10-05] --
enabled support for USB
added support for Optidrive E2
improved software update system
made minor improvements to State Machine program editor
added support for 'Arithmetic / Scaler' function block
added support for 'Encoder / ENC Event Counter' function block
added support for 'Frequency / Frequency Edge Counter' function block

-- build 262 [2012-05-09] --
added support for ODP2 version 1.10
added support for loopback ( connections
fixed a bug that prevented Spanish, French, and German language platforms from launching
fixed a bug where the capabilities were incorrect for dw220 (and dw210) phantoms
fixed a bug where an unknown ODP2 firmware version would cause an NPE
fixed a bug in the monitoring of asynchronous transactions
added support for USB (to be made generally available in build 263)
fixed a bug in the code-signing that could cause various "code-signer" exceptions
fixed a bug where speedy2 devices reported their type as "smarty2"

-- build 261 [2012-02-23] --
added preliminary support for the JL-series drives
removed device type restrictions from import

-- build 260 [2012-01-18] --
added progress bar to 'Load Firmware'
fixed a bug where dragging a graphics tile to a new page would change it into a link tile
fixed a bug where savvyPanel comms warnings were not cleared once device comm was established
fixed a bug where 'Load Default Graphics' did not home the view
made UI improvements to password dialogs and user enumerations dialog
updated 'Create Phantom Device ...' dialog
added support for 'Library 6 Solar'
fixed bugs associated with PLX 'fieldbus' parameters
added support for ODP2

-- build 259 [2011-06-29] --
fixed a bug in the state machine program editor which occurred when deleting the last transition and then adding a new one
added support for function block: 'Solar / Sun Position'
added support for function block: 'savvyPanel / SR Latch'
added support for function blocks: 'Logic / 8-way Demultiplexer' and 'Logic / 16-way Demultiplexer' 
fixed a display bug that manifested when dragging tiles between savvyPanel windows
fixed a bug in the export/import of the special "ODP Speed" parameter type

-- build 258 [2011-05-25] --
added support for function blocks: 'savvyPanel / Monitor', 'savvyPanel / Setpoint & Monitor', 'savvyPanel / Dual Monitor' 
added support for function block: 'Encoder / ENC Indexed Cyclic Position' 
fixed a bug in user demo mode where exiting with SFD capability would clear phantom graphics
added support for 'Cyclic Meter' savvyPanel tile
fixed a bug where user-entered units were not properly escaped in XML exports
fixed graphic error in 'Winders / Torque Compensator' function block 'Friction' sub-block
improved handling of incomplete entries in user enumeration dialog
added support for function block: 'Logic / State Machine 8-8', 'Logic / State Machine 16-16'
added support for function block: 'Math / Calculator'
fixed a bug where connection graphical data was not always created properly
added support for 'savvyPanel' firmware capability
added support for function block: 'Logic / Combinational 6-4'

-- build 257 [2011-01-26] --
fixed an obfuscation bug in drive phantom creation

-- build 256 [2011-01-26] --
fixed a bug where a new enumeration entry was shown for fully enumerated parameters
fixed a bug where user demo mode could not be turned off in certain conditions
fixed a trend drawing bug
fixed a bug in log reporting
fixed a bug where serial devices did not sort when 'Sort by IP' was set
fixed a (Windows only) bug where setters in savvyPanel could not be moved
added support for function blocks: 'Encoder / ENC1 Cyclic Position', 'Encoder / ENC2 Cyclic Position', 
  'Encoder / ENC Status Monitor', 'Encoder / ENC Indexed Position', 'Encoder / ENC Cyclic Error Converter', 
  'Encoder / ENC Cycle Calibrator Basic', 'Encoder / ENC Cycle Calibrator DIN1', and 'Encoder / ENC Cycle Calibrator DIN2' 

-- build 255 [2010-11-02] --
improved phantom creation dialog
back-ported support for string-based group identifiers to dw1XX products
added support for 'ModbusRTU Master / Comms Monitor' function block
added support for savvyPanel operator panel
added support for discovery filtering
added support for user enumerations for parameters
added support for 'Utility / Enumerated Parameter Block' and 'Utility / Hexadecimal Parameter Block'
improved preferences dialog
added support for a launch discovery file
consolidated various 'Clear...' menu items via a dialog
improved support for Fieldbus parameters for serial PL-series
enhanced device password support to allow restriction of all access to a device
version 3.5

-- build 254 [2010-05-10] --
fixed a bug where the "not at default" adornment was sometimes missing when a parameter was first displayed
fixed a bug where printing did not work correctly for multiple page documents

-- build 253 [2010-05-05] --
added workaround for x86/amd64 capability issue on Windows
added support for the 'EIP/PCCC Server' capability
fixed a regression bug when creating E-series phantoms
fixed some minor errors in the JNLP files
fixed a bug where the serial comms support file for 64-bit Windows was mislocated
changed the way updates are handled to work around some Oracle JWS bugs.

-- build 252 [2010-03-11] --
added fix for e-commerce server SSL certificate expiration
fixed a display bug when opening the 'Network Information' panel in 'Setup IP Addresses for System'

-- build 251 [2010-03-02] --
added support for 'Utility / E-Mail Notification' function block
fixed a bug in the cross-version import translation facility for the Optidrive Plus
fixed a bug where dw213 phantoms with option -16 could not create Encoder function blocks
added support for hover menu buttons
fixed a bug where user note moves were not committed properly
added support for marshaled polling for the dw210
improved trend graphing algorithm performance to reduce computer loading
improved ODP phantom creation dialog to split models between US and International
added "model selectors" for Optidrive Plus and PL-series phantoms
added support for PL-series 800, 900 & 980 models
added support for Optidrive Plus 500-600V models
added support for setting the firmware version when creating phantoms

-- build 250 [2009-12-17] --
added support for Optidrive Plus software version 3.10
added support for the dw213
fixed a bug where router address and netmask were transposed for the dwM5
added support for 'Utility / Modbus Master Stats' function block

-- build 249 [2009-11-19] --
further adjusted the PL-series model detection code
added support for firmware 0x2010
fixed a bug where upgrading the capabilities of a dw210 would fail and render the device unusable

-- build 248 [2009-11-06] --
added support for 'ModbusRTU Slave'
added support for 'Encoder / ENC1 Position' and 'Encoder / ENC2 Position' function blocks
fixed a bug in the hexadecimal setters
added support for 'Encoder / ENC Position Point' and 'Encoder / ENC Position Monitor' function blocks
improved handling of 'association' parameter types
added 'File->Utilities->Hex Converter' to facilitate manual setting of 'Encoder / ENC Position Point'
fixed a bug on the Windows platform where associations could not be set

-- build 247 [2009-10-06] --
fixed some current display scaling bugs for the PL-series frame 5
added support for 'Logic Gate / AND4', 'Logic Gate / OR4', 'Logic Gate / NAND4', 'Logic Gate / NOR4'
added support for 'Latches / T Latch with Reset'
added support for 'ModbusRTU Master'

-- build 246 [2009-09-11] --
improvements to "Demo Mode" support
changes to e-commerce to support credit card transactions with new back-end server
updated serial comms native libraries for Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard 
added serial comms support for 64-bit operating systems
now using Quaqua 5.4.1 on the Mac OS X platform (for filechooser only)
added a workaround for a Windows-only Java bug where combo boxes do not display properly in parameter setters
removed temporary workaround for 'Java for Mac OS X 10.5 Update 4'
  [since both 'Java for Mac OS X 10.5 Update 5' and 'Mac OS X 10.6' are now released and fix the problems]
updated support for dw210 options -16, -18, -22, -23 [i2i comms]
updated support for 'I/O / ENC Speed Lock' and 'I/O / ENC Phase Lock'
added support for 'Control / Trim', and 'Logic / Bitwise Match'
added support for dw210 option -24 [additional Digital Inputs]
added support for 'I/O / T03 Digital Input' through 'I/O / T08 Digital Input' and 'I/O / LED Control'
improved autoscrolling during drag-and-drop in FBE program lists

-- build 245 [2009-07-16] --
added separate 'Help->Show dw1xx Function Block Sizes' and 'Help->Show dw2xx Function Block Sizes'
added support for dw210 options -16, -18, -22, -23
added support for 'I/O / ENC Speed Lock' and 'I/O / ENC Phase Lock'
added workaround for i386/x86_64 capability issue on Mac OS X
fixed a bug where driveweb connections from the FBE to the local device showed as unplaced in the FBE list
added temporary workaround for problems caused by 'Java for Mac OS X 10.5 Update 4'
  NOTE: on the Mac, the menus are now in the windows - this is required for the above (temporary) workaround

-- build 244 [2009-05-15] --
fixed a bug where 'Utility / Modbus Indirect Block' was not available in the dwM5
added additional warnings about "Demo Mode"
added support for OptidrivePlus version 3.01
updated support for dw210 option -15

-- build 243 [2009-04-22] --
added support for dw210 option -15

-- build 242 [2009-03-19] --
fixed a bug where the wrong graphics for function blocks could sometimes be displayed after an import
fixed a bug where 'Clone to Phantom' didn't work
fixed a set of bugs on the Windows platform where the frontmost window could change after a dialog was closed
fixed a bug where the user data size limit was set incorrectly for the dwM5
added a workaround for a bug in the 'Load Firmware' function of firmware 0x2000
enabled serial writing of PL-series fieldbus GOTO parameters
added detection of duplicate incoming driveweb connections
added a check so that "dangling" outgoing driveweb connections are accounted for when creating new connections
added support for OptidrivePlus v3.00; improved support for v2.20, v2.21, and v2.22
added support for setting the device software version when creating phantoms
user manual creation now occurs in a background thread (as needed)
fixed a bug where parameters in the user manual were all shown as read-only
now using Quaqua 5.0.1 on the Mac OS X platform (for filechooser only)

-- build 241 [2008-12-19] --
added adornments to the 'Export' dialog to draw attention to devices that are locked or in comms fail
fixed a bug where the "container" (up) navigation arrow did not work for the dw1101
updated security certificate for 2009
fixed a potential deadlock bug in the device comms thread
improved application responsiveness under comms fail conditions
enabled support for dw210 Smarty product
fixed a UI inconsistency in the analog setter
updated build system to produce signed JNLP files

-- build 240 [2008-10-10] --
changed symbol for PL-series 'Latch' function block to better show its functionality
added workaround for "resource URLs broken in JWS" bug in Java 1.5.0_16 (and 1.4.2_18)
added a warning to password dialogs when the caps lock is active

-- build 239 [2008-09-09] --
fixed a bug where deleting an internal PL-series drive connection was not atomic
fixed a bug where model prototypes were used by reference in phantoms
added preliminary support for PL-series frame 4 and 5
fixed a bug where names in dock files were not URL escaped

-- build 238 [2008-08-07] --
added a preference to allow automatically homing the page view when a window is resized
fixed a bug in 'Re-Map Dock File' where the re-mapped document's title was not updated
fixed a bug where more than 32 FBE external connections caused exceptions (64 are supported)
added a note to the PL-series drive function block 'Latch' to clarify its operation

-- build 237 [2008-06-20] --
added a better icon for 'unknown device type'
fixed a bug where phantom programs were not always updated immediately after a change
fixed a bug where editing or moving a note could sometimes result in a duplicate
added a new menu item 'Export to Image File...'
updated ethernet comms failure symbol to match new dwM5 label
added demo features
changed parameter import behavior for phantoms - all values are now accepted
'Find Parameter' results are now sorted
added support for 'I/O / ENC1 Position2' and 'I/O / ENC2 Position2' function block

-- build 236 [2008-04-03] --
fixed a bug where the user manual would not open for non-english localizations
removed help menu item for support forum
added CSV file exports for trend data
added function block documentation for all FBE function blocks to user manual
fixed a bug where FBE programs in phantom devices had no timebase
fixed a bug where cancelling a device deletion failed to work correctly
fixed a bug where the phantom creation dialog could sometimes be positioned badly

-- build 235 [2008-01-30] --
fixed a couple of typos in the 'ModbusRTU Master/Eurotherm ERCFW09' function block
removed all machine-translated localizations (which were apparently unintelligible to native speakers)
added support for in-page links for contextual manual pages
added info buttons to all FBs that have user manual pages
added support for Modbus 16-63 monitor parameters to Yaskawa F7 drive
added support for 'ModbusRTU Master/WEG CFW09' function block
added support for 'Logic/16-bit Binary Decoder' function block

-- build 234 [2007-12-10] --
fixed an obfuscation problem that prevented phantoms from being created

-- build 233 [2007-12-07] --
fixed an obfuscation problem

-- build 232 [2007-12-07] --
scrollwheel zoom is now centered on the mouse rather than the window (this can be disabled in the prefs)
added a pref for default border type (Automatic, ISO, or ANSI)
added checkbox to 'Import Device data' to allow importing only user data
added more meaningful messages for connections when an FBE export file is imported into a non-FBE device
added support for 'ModbusRTU Master/Eurotherm ERCFW09' function block
added phantom support for dw121 speedy485-6pc
added support for savvy gateway
fixed a thread synchronization bug which could cause graphics issues
changed text color for 'Timebase Overrun' back to orange (E06402) from yellow (FFED2D)

-- build 231 [2007-10-23] --
borders for default graphics now adapt to the locale of the user (ANSI A or ISO A4)
new borders now default to the personalized version (if any)

-- build 230 [2007-10-17] --
added support for 'Drive Helper/Optidrive Helper' function block
added support for 'ModbusRTU Master/Optidrive VTC' function block (replacing 'ModbusRTU Master/Optidrive')
added support for 'ModbusRTU Master/Optidrive Plus' function block
updated photos for Speedy485
added manual page for 'ModbusRTU Master' function blocks
dragging over a window now moves it to the front
fixed a bug in the scrip system where some strings were not properly URL-encoded
changed text color for 'Timebase Overrun' from orange (E06402) to yellow (FFED2D)
fixed parameter scaling for Yaskawa F7 parameter U1-03 (undocumented scaling)

-- build 229 [2007-09-26] --
changed import code for Yaskawa F7 to reduce EEPROM writes
fixed a couple of parameter database issues for Yaksawa F7
added support for 'Utility/Indicator' function block
added support for trending more parameter types - e.g. Hexadecimal
added 'Re-Map Dock File' command
fixed a bug where 'Import and Create Phantoms' would sometimes not set some parameter values
added support for 'ModbusRTU Master/Optidrive' function block

-- build 228 [2007-08-31] --
fixed a thread synchronization bug which could cause graphics issues
now disable the 'File->Open Recent' menu if the submenu is empty
fixed a bug where double-clicking on a document to launch savvy in Windows did not open the document
added support for 'Logic/Bitwise Shift' function block
added JVM Max Heap Size check to initialization code
fixed bug where re-scaled parameters would not export/import correctly
some parameter database fixes for Yaskawa F7

-- build 227 [2007-08-22] --
fixed bug where wrong title was used for 'Change Name of Device' dialog
in 'Re-Map Export File' dialog, pre-entered current IP addresses so that user only has to enter changed addresses
removed reachability check from phantom creation routine
fixed regression bug where parameters with the association data type could not be accessed
-- build 226 [2007-08-17] --
fixed a bug where phantoms could not be created if there was no IP network available
-- build 225 [2007-08-17] --
added 'Setup IP Addresses for System...' function
updated manual for above
eliminated user setting of 'Network Interface for Multicast'
added savvy support for ModbusRTU Master driver
fixed a bug in Yaskawa F7 ACCEPT/ENTER handling
added parameter re-scaling facility
added support for speedy485 product range
reworked 'Create Phantom Device...' dialog
-- build 224 [2007-07-27] --
removed strict flash version checks for Yaskwa F7
removed 'Show Software Download Webpage' from 'Help' menu (no longer required thanks to Java Web Start)
removed the internet version check feature (no longer required thanks to Java Web Start)
added automatic "guessing" of IP addresses for phantoms
fixed a bug in credit card handling for localizations that do not use a "." decimal separator
fixed a bug in PLX serial comms handling for localizations that do not use a "." decimal separator
fixed a parameter database bug in the PL-series for PIN 199 and moved PIN 199 to reserved page
added a (limited) check for duplicate IP addresses
added multihomed support to checks for local IP address conflicts
-- build 223 [2007-07-12] --
added a warning dialog if an export is attempted on a device in comms error
fixed a bug in personalization handling
added function block name to Connections page for FBE parameters
changed placement algorithm for docks (now left-to-right, four wide)
many fixes and improvements to preliminary Yaskawa F7 support

-- build 222 [2007-05-04] --
changed all "frame size" references to "model"
fixed a bug where phantom multiple create for ODP would create old Optidrive phantoms
added a comment with datestamp and build number to export files
updated "Changes Pending" device adornment
added support for serial devices in discovery files
fixed a bug that prevented mouse targets in variant graphics from being recognized
added a filter to the prefs dialog to remove the loopback interface from the available choices for multicast
added several internal enhancements to DVG
added help menu item to show FBE function block sizes
added preliminary support for Yaskawa F7 drives
added a device adornment for FBE errors
improved adornments in general and updated manual page

-- build 221 [2007-03-28] --
fixed bug where setters would sometimes be shown for PL parameters that are not serial-writable
fixed bug where clearing the log did not clear the log pointer properly
added preload of dependent graphics device parameters to improve performance and avoid fault cases
updated option code dependency management for phantom creation
added reporting of bad graphic data files to serial discovery
changed 'Create Phantom' dialog so that exceptions do not dismiss the dialog
improved handling of connection user data that is invalidated due to deletions
added new device resource management system
added support for the 'Arithmetic/Multiplier-Divider' function block
added default graphics for Smarty (just a border)
fixed nominal connection period for ODP (now 8ms, was 30ms)
fixed bug in 'Ramps / S Ramp' where 'Reverse Up Time' and 'Reverse Down Time' parameters were transposed
added widget to view value of read-only parameters in SFD
added legend for trend charts in popup menu
fixed a bug when saving a dock with "phantom" parameters
fixed a bug in the comms timeout retry mechanism
fixed a bug where the connection period for FBE-sourced connections would be shown as requested, not as actual
added support for the 'Utility / Device Comms Monitor' and 'Utility / Watchdog Driver' function blocks
fixed bug where 'Find Parameter' (and derivative functions) would not find System function block parameters
added minimal (0.9%) "tickle" polling of a device parameter even when polling list contains only FBE parameters

-- build 220 [2007-02-07] --
added support for 'Utility / Parameter Block' and 'Utility / Modbus Indirect Block' function blocks
added ability to discover a Smarty-odp (dw113) that is in drive comms failure
added support for Windows Vista
-- build 219 [2007-01-26] --
fixed an error on the PL-series DOP3 page
updated security certificate for 2007
fixed bug where 'Import and Create Phantoms' on a serial export would add FBE capabilities
changed frame names for PL-series to eliminate currents
improved frame determination code for PL-series
made changes to support FBE library 5 "free stuff"
added support for 'Control / PI' function block
improved license presentation
updated license
fixed a problem where incomplete escaping of URIs could cause bug reporting to fail
worked around a Windows problem where long URIs would fail with a bogus error message
improved code that loads user data so that errors are limited and do not discard all the user data
changed code to allow FBE programs that are internally inconsistent to still be displayed and edited
added new ListFilter for unresolved connections
added new list icon for unresolved connections

-- build 218 [2006-12-13] --
updated manual "requirements" section and added notes about automatic updates
fixed compatibility problem with Java 6
updated warning and license text
-- build 217 [2006-10-31] --
added ability to paste a parameter into SFD
fixed bug in PL GOTO and GETFROM connection dialogs where GETFROMs and GOTOs were not excluded
fixed bug in frame size determination code for Optidrive Plus v2.21

-- build 216 [2006-10-24] --
added full stack trace info to bug reports
fixed bug where some dialogs were not localized and would fail for the comma decimal separator
-- build 215 [2006-10-16] --
improved the look of end-points for connections to "internal" parameters
added manual page detailing PL-series serial comms limitations on writing some parameters
fixed a bug in the Coupon Manager window initialization that would prevent launch on Java 1.4

-- build 214 [2006-10-09] --
Optidrive Plus support is now complete
changed import so that exceptions that occur while setting parameters do not abort the import
added support for vouchers in the Shopping Cart
added manual page for commerce
several changes to better support personalization
added field current monitoring parameters to PL-series Field Control page
-- build 213 [2006-09-27] --
fixed bug which could sometimes throw an IllegalStateException when deleting FBE connections
fixed error in the language database that threw a NoSuchElementException when launching on some non-English systems
-- build 212 [2006-09-22] --
added support for Optidrive Plus 3GV-M software version 2.21
fixed a bug when dragging a fb it would sometimes "snap back" to its original location
changed IP address validator to work around slow Windows libraries
added preference for mouse scrollwheel panning (instead of zooming)
fixed a memory leak associated with dragging in SFD
fixed concurrency bug in object drawing routine
-- build 211 [2006-09-15] --
fixed bug where graphical information did not import into serial devices
added feedback to import when target cannot accept all the data (e.g. FBE into a serial device)

-- build 210 [2006-09-01] --
many changes and fixes for Optidrive Plus

-- build 209 [2006-08-22] (Internal Release Only) --
many changes and fixes for Optidrive Plus

-- build 208 [2006-08-11] (Internal Release Only) --
added fully qualified parameter names to trend charts
fixed a bug in trend charts where values were not shown if the trend had only a single data point
modified startup sequence so that preload is completed before the UI starts - this avoids a race coondition
added support for Optidrive Plus (Modbus version)
fixed bug where Comparators/Maximum and Comparators/Minimum function blocks could not be opened
added visual feedback in enumeration setter for values outside current min/max
added support for Timers/One Shot and Timers/Underlap function blocks
added support for Filters/Moving Average Filter function block
renamed Control/Filter function block to Filters/Low Pass Filter
added support for Registration function block
added graphic data file selection to serial discovery dialogs
improved GUI layout for serial discovery dialogs

-- build 207 [2006-06-23] --
added support for option -11, 'Encoder Control' library: IO/ENC Speed Lock, IO/ENC1 Position, and IO/ENC2 Position
added support for Control/Integrator and Control/Differentiator function blocks
added support for Comparators/Maximum and Comparators/Minimum function blocks
fixed some graphical bugs in the PL-series Calibration function block
fixed errors in PL-series parameter database where max voltage was 600V instead of 1000V
improved frame detection for PLD and PLXD drives
added notes to the manual about firewalls
fixed bug which caused an exception when making network connections from SFD
fixed bug where dependent parameters could sometimes render as NaN (a question mark in a diamond)
fixed bug where setters in SFD pages could show old values
added a preference for moving nav arrows to the right side of the window (which is a fixed location under Windows)
added support for Clamps/Deadband function block
increased maximum number of data points (value changes) per parameter in trend charts from 3000 to 20000
improved efficiency of some internal algorithms in trend chart
added manual page for IO/ENC Speed Lock
fixed bug where, if a text scaler other than 100% was used, connection regions in parameters on SFD pages were not active
added a workaround for Windows timer resolution limitations in trend charts
minor improvements to phantom creation dialog; removed smarty-o phantom option

-- build 206 [2006-04-28] --
fixed bug where pendingChanges flag was not always cleared when opening a graphics file for a serial device
added code to workaround some types of corruption of the Windows registry
improved exception message when running out of user data space in a device
fixed bug where the 'up' arrow went to the FBE page instead of the drive page for PL function blocks in non-SFD savvy
added reminder about deleting old versions to "new version available" dialog
improved handling of file open events from the OS
added file associations for Java Web Start
fixed scaling for PL-series PIN 897 for serial connections
minor corrections to PL-series parameter database
fixed bug in text export where read-only parameters could be flagged as modified

-- build 205 [2006-03-27] --
fixed graphics alignment for Sign&Value function block
fixed bug where backing store entry in DeviceFBList did not update after creating a new backing store file
updated phantom creation dialog to match the latest naming scheme from marketing
-- build 204 [2006-03-08] --
fixed a bug that manifests at first run in the workaround released in build 203
-- build 203 [2006-03-07] --
added workaround for problem on Windows platform where username can change case
-- build 202 [2006-03-03] --
fixed bug in 'Re-map Export File' where the graphical info for network connections would disappear
improved behavior of asynchronous device data updater under severe network error conditions
-- build 201 [2006-02-28] --
added full support for Mac OS X on Intel
-- build 200 [2006-02-20] --
added firmware version warning to 'Upgrade Device' dialog
fixed AOP1 and AOP2 terminal label errors on E-series
added automatic JRE download to .exe on Windows platform

-- build 199 [2006-02-09] --
adjusted Java maximum heap size down to 128M based on feedback from testing
added support for function block: Timer/Oscillator
added support for function blocks: Math/Square, Math/Cube, Math/Square Root, Math/Cube Root, Math/Reciprocal
added support for function blocks: Math/Exponential, Math/Logarithm
added support for function blocks: Math/Sine, Math/Cosine, Math/Tangent, Math/ArcSine, Math/ArcCosine, Math/ArcTangent
improved handling of unknown function blocks

-- build 198 [2006-02-02] --
fixed bug where connections between device and FBE were not cloned during 'Clone To New Phantom'
corrected 'Delete External Connections' warning dialog

-- build 197 [2006-01-31] --
added checks and meaningful error message when out of user data storage
reduced size of PL default graphics
increased Java maximum heap size to 512M; updated hardware requirements in manual

-- build 196 [2006-01-30] --
added function block descriptions for PL-series function blocks
fixed bug in hash key generation for connections which could cause connection graphics to "disappear"
fixed bug where FBE parameter values were not cloned
added support for comms fail annunciation on SFD page
added collision checks for manually entered FB addresses

-- build 195 [2006-01-17] --
added support for E-series software version 4.7

-- build 194 [2006-01-13] --
fixed bug in code that recovers from corrupted capability keys
UI improvements to phantom creation dialog
changed sort order of PL-series function blocks in SFD to match manual
added more filters for PL-series function blocks in SFD to match drive HMI menus

-- build 193 [2006-01-06] --
fixed bug where phantom creation dialog did not display correctly under Windows

-- build 192 [2006-01-05] --
various minor changes to PL graphics
added 'Print Preview' facility
fixed bug where trend charts did not print correctly under Windows
added support for DnD FBE program editing
enabled online credit card processing
improved phantom creation dialog and tied to catalog numbers
version 3.4

-- build 191 [2005-12-14] (Internal Release Only) --
combined zoom and grid dialogs into 'Set Border...' dialog
on Mac OS X, now using Quaqua 3.4.1 (for filechooser only)
added filtering to lists in SFD
fixed bug where using back button to SFD lost zoom state for pages other than page 1
added accelerator key 'R' to Trend Run/Hold menu items
added "zoom centered on cursor"
full support for PL SFD
added list filters in SFD
added separate fb label and connection split scales to document data
version 3.4b1

-- build 190 [2005-11-16] (Internal Release Only) --
fixed bug where PLX 5/12 drive data would be exported without frame information
fixed bug where keyboard focus was given to the frame (not the contained graphics panel) when a setter was dismissed
improved hover strings and info strings for connections
fixed bug where non-PL parameters were not filtered from connection lists for PL GOTO and GETFROM parameters
improved drag feedback when connecting PL GOTO and GETFROM parameters in SFD
fixed bug where setters weren't placed quite correctly in SFD
added setter support to function blocks in SFD
added dynamic graphics support in SFD
changed autopage icons and locations based on user feedback
fixed bug where border origins did not import/export correctly
added support for "slow" (shift) and "fast" (alt) keyboard panning
improved autoscroll behavior when first dragging into a window
fixed bug in program list block scroll increment calculation
added support for synthetic data (primarily for use in variant graphics)
added support for user manual links in DVG
added support for fixed connections
improved comms timeout error recovery for serial devices
added state management for program list scroll bars in graphical pages
added partial support for PL SFD

-- build 189 [2005-10-17] --
added debug report feature
removed extended window state save/recall from InfoWindow
note that online (credit card) e-commerce is disabled in this build; offline e-commerce is available

-- build 188 [2005-10-13] (Internal Release Only) --
re-arranged some menus to better support e-commerce
fixed bug where initial password dialog was unusable for retries
fixed bug where user notes could not be dragged between pages
fixed bug in FBE10xx upgrade code
fixed bug where '"' was not being escaped in bug report URL's
fixed bug where WinME was being treated like WinNT w.r.t. its command shell
added support for e-commerce including shopping cart and coupon manager
fixed scaler error for PL-series parameter 897
added basic support for 'Import and Create Phantoms' for export files with serial port addresses
added support for firmware 0x1021 function blocks:
  track and hold, 4-bit priority encoder, 4-bit binary encoder, 16-bit binary encoder,
  bitwise AND, bitwise OR, bitwise XOR, bitwise NOT
changed hexadecimal type formatting to always use upper case
fixed bug where old export files (without frame data) would import to phantoms with an "unknown" icon
worked around dubious font metrics for some obscure characters (e.g. "bullet")
added support and preference for setting the network interface used for multicasting

-- build 187 [2005-09-28] --
fixed bug where the update notification dialog could conflict with modal dialogs under Windows
changed import/export policy so that inactive FBE parameters are ignored

-- build 186 [2005-09-28] --
rewrote trend chart algorithms to improve performance
changed trend point info activation from mouse click to contextual menu
added license and warning to initial password dialog per the suits
improved algorithm for adding connections to FBE programs
improved UI feedback during page-to-page drags in SFD
updated icons for PL-series drives and E-series drives
added exception reporting for missing Serialio.jar file
fixed bug where the page count would not update sometimes in SFD

-- build 185 [2005-09-13] --
fixed bug where strings were not properly escaped in XML export files

-- build 184 [2005-09-13] --
made changes to acceleration calculator for Winders/Torque Compensator [per TLC]
several bug fixes for signal flow diagram

-- build 183 [2005-08-31] --
fixed bug where variant graphics could overshadow parameters for dynamic behaviors
fixed thread synchronization bug that could occasionally prevent import from working with FBE
fixed bug where directory window didn't sort properly on discovery
fixed bug where drag-and-drop cursors were wrong under Windows
fixed bug where entries could not be dragged to re-arrange a dock
fixed bug where trend charts did not update
fixed bug where internal file name to URL conversions were not escaped properly
added a snap grid for docks
complete rewrite of 'Get Info' facility
fixed bug where hidden parameters were included in 'export to text' documents
fixed bug where Modbus parameters were included in 'export to text' documents when device didn't have Modbus
improved import for serial devices
fixed bug where page names might not be shown in "jump to" menu items
first build of version 3.3
full support of signal flow diagram for function block engine

-- build 182 [2005-08-09] --
fixed several PL-series parameter database errors
fixed a thread join bug whch could leave FBE parameters at default during an import to phantoms

-- build 181 [2005-07-08] --
fixed some PL-series parameter database errors introduced in build 180

-- build 180 [2005-07-06] --
fixed PL-series parameter database error on PIN 20
added parameter support for fieldbusses in the PL-series
initial support for Signal Flow Diagram
several internal changes to the drawing engine
several internal changes to the event system
added support for PL-series v5.15 firmware

-- build 179 [2005-06-06] --
internal release
fixed I/O DVG's to use user name instead of static name

-- build 178 [2005-06-03] --
fixed bug in 'Re-Map Export File' where $local connections would cause a Null Pointer Exception
fixed bug where automatic clock setting didn't work
added "user data facility" backend
added basic re-name facility for parameters and function blocks
added splash screen

-- build 177 [2005-05-25] --
fixed bug where importing to a PL would fail to set parameter values that had existing internal connections

-- build 176 [2005-05-23] --
added 'export to text file' subsystem
added "tickle" polling to detect device comms failures when polling list empty
added special filter to OptiDrive device comms failure indicator to handle synthetic parameters
fixed bug where parameters in a dock were not deleted when their containing fb was deleted
added 'Re-Map Export File' command
added core e-commerce support
changed E-series parameter 40151 (Current Vysta Program) to read-only 

-- build 175 [2005-04-26] --
fixed encoder terminal legends
updated manual to use savvy name
updated executable names to use savvy

-- build 174 [2005-04-25] --
fixed bug where dragging parameter in a dock could leave screen crud
added support for direct serial comms to PL- and E-series
improved support for OptiDrive
changed asynchronous poll algorithm to account for response times (primarily for OptiDrive and serial)
using new application packager for Windows
fixed some bugs in the Winder/Torque Compensator function block
added check so that FBE parameters are skipped on import if no FBE is present in device
fixed bug where incoming connection was not deleted when creation of matching outgoing connection failed
now using Quaqua version 2.82 on Mac OS X
added basic support for OptiDrive phantoms
improved error message if user leaves ip address field blank when creating a phantom
added support for local symbol for connections in export files
added code to automatically adjust background polling period to adapt to network conditions
fixed some thread synchronization problems that caused transient delays when opening DVG's

-- build 173 [2005-03-22] --
added support for Ramps/S Ramp and Ramps/MOP function blocks
changed fbe listing to use symbolic fb names
several minor fixes to E-series graphics and parameter database
changed name of Clamp/Deadband fb to Clamp/Skipband
on Mac OS X platform, enabled show growbox

-- build 172 [2005-03-17] --
fixed bug in string drawing routine that could cause a Null Pointer Exception
includes production calibration code for Smarty

-- build 171 [2005-03-15] --
in E-series parameter database, enabled connection permissions for I7c - I7f

-- build 170 [2005-03-14] --
fixed thread sync bug during import of FBE program and parameters
fixed bug in 'Clear Program' where associated connections were not cleared
fixed bug where poller threads weren't always terminated when a device was deleted
fixed screen drawing bug where dynamic string updates could leave screen crud
improved 'Get Info' data for PL-series internal connections
improved Exception dialog
on Mac OS X platform, enforced setting file extensions during save (same as Windows)
various Winder function block fixes
updated Smarty and Optidrive pictures
added function block name to 'dock' parameters when applicable
fixed a bug where addresses for new phantoms were not being validated
changed sorting algorithm for E-series so that FBE parameters sort in id-order

-- build 169 [2005-02-23] --
changed Smarty terminal designations to match production units
added support for Utility/Watchdog function block
added support for "placeholder" parameters

-- build 168 was not released --

-- build 167 [2005-02-01] --
fixed some problems with production test facility
added support for FBE encoder function blocks
added 'Request Enhancement' menu item

-- build 166 [2005-01-26] --
updated security certificate for 2005
on the Mac OS X platform, now using Quaqua look and feel
after first run, capability is now set to 'Administrate' instead of 'View'
fixed bug where instantiated singleton FB's could be instantiated via 'Add Function Block' dialog
added facility for upgrading function block capabilities via a code
added note to the manual about external connections from PL-series GOTO's and to GETFROM's
added production test facility
fixed an NPE bug that occurred when opening a saved dock containing undiscovered devices
added parameter debug facility
generalized FBE singleton checks via resource flags

-- build 165 [2005-01-05] --
fixed bug in exporting capabilities
fixed bug in importing FBE data via 'Import and Create Phantoms...'
added support for more FBE function blocks
fixed FBE program export/import to use user addressing
added basic support for FBE function block reference parameters

-- build 164 [2004-12-09] --
added 'Import and Create Phantoms...' item to 'Directory' menu 
added adornment to PL-series for "parameter changes pending"
added IP address validation to 'Discover Device...'
added 'Clear All Device Logs' menu item to 'Directory' menu
made 'Clear Log' menu item generally accessible in Device contextual menu
added FBE support to 'Clone to New Phantom..." item
refactored FBE handling of I/O function blocks

-- build 163 [2004-11-16] --
fixed thread lock bug that could occur on Connection List page 

-- build 162 [2004-11-16] --
added support for PL-series software version 5.14
various additions and bug fixes to FBE

-- build 161 [2004-11-04] --
fixed bug where PL-series GOTO destinations were not shown
fixed enumeration strings for PL-series PIN 704
fixed bitfield display on the PL-series 'Run Digital Input' page
fixed parameter placement on the PL-series 'Comparator 1' through 'Comparator 4'pages
fixed parameter database error on the PL-series PIN 476
changes to (generalization of) FBE function block symbol generation scheme
added support for additional FBE function blocks
switched to ISO 8601 dates for this document

-- build 160 -- 29oct04 --
fixed obfuscation problem which prevented phantoms from working

-- build 159 -- 29oct04 --
first build of version 3.2
added Function Block Engine (with 0x10XX firmware)
complete rewrite of connection-management system
significant refactoring of parameter-management system
fixed bugs in dwM1 'Get Detailed Info' command
globally changed connection period heuristics

-- build 158 -- 30aug04 --
internal connections on the PL now use Jumpers if available
fixed a bug where PL GETFROMs did not show the "modified" adornment
fixed drag-and-drop bug associated with Mac OS X 10.3 Java 1.4.2 Update 1
added check for empty text in analog setter
fixed bug where variant graphics caused extra connection links
basic support for automatic FBE program generation (internal connections) 

-- build 157 -- 9aug04 --
added lock check to time autoset code
updated various things to use "savvy" name
updated many PL-series pages

-- build 156 -- 16jun04 --
alpha-level support for 0x9X firmware device logging
added support for dynamic diagrams
added ability to reset IP address info to factory defaults
updated 'Set IP Address' dialog

-- build 155 -- 19may04 --
added additional validity checks for router IP address and subnet mask
improved user messages for device errors
alpha-level support for 0x9X firmware real-time clock

-- build 154 -- 12may04 --
reworked comms fail adornment; added separate device internal comms fail adornment
added DVG support for conditional graphical entities
added DVG support for symbolic container attributes
fixed parameter scaling error in PL-series PIN 146
'Find Parameter' now also searches parameter labels (in addition to ID's and names)
alpha-level support for 0x9X firmware, including ModbusTCP

-- build 153 -- 14apr04 --
fixed bug where keyboard focus would be lost when an analog setter was opened
  and then closed without setting a value
fixed bugs in PL-series frame handling code
preliminary support for Optidrive

-- build 152 -- 13apr04 --
fixed bug where setting IP addresses could cause a Null Pointer Exception

-- build 151 -- 7apr04 --
fixed bug where import could fail for E-series by trying to commit transient parameters

-- build 150 -- 6apr04 --
preliminary support for dwM4-S
added subnet mask and router IP address to device 'Get Info'
added reciprocal value to scaler in analog parameter 'Get Info'
rewrote connection count limit checking to handle all constraints

-- build 149 -- 16mar04 --
fixed bug where 'Sort by MAC address' and 'sort by Group Number' in the Device Directory
 window during discovery could cause corruption of some application data structures

-- build 148 -- 15mar04 --
added range check to 'Set Group...' (used to truncate out-of-range values)

-- build 147 -- 5mar04 --
added support for E-series version 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4
improved handling of phantom device software version numbers
under Windows, now using "system look and feel"

-- build 146 -- 7feb04 --
in PL-series, fixed parameter error where PIN 64 was writable
in PL-series, updated Speed Control and UIP3 page; added Speed Loop PI Adaption page

-- build 145 -- 13jan04 --
added 'Show Software Download Webpage' to 'Help' menu
updated security certificate for 2004
added notes to the manual about multi-homed computers and local multicast
added build date to "about" dialog

-- build 144 was not released --

-- build 143 -- 09dec03 --
fixed a Null Pointer Exception bug when opening dock files containing undiscovered devices
fixed bug where bogus device name could be shown in device directory frame title
updated PL-series Torque Compensator page
updated PL-series UIP pages
updated PL-series DOP pages
updated PL-series Changeover Switch pages
updated PL-series Multifunction pages
changed Make Connection dialog to use specified device sort order
added parameter label (if any) to hover string
set initial focus to text entry field in analog setter
added preference to allow disabling of version check at launch
fixed bug where a newly-created and saved dock could not be viewed via the page history

-- build 142 -- 02dec03 --
fixed bug where the application would lock up if a trend buffer filled
fixed race bug in PL-series connection conflict checking code

-- build 141 -- 20nov03 --
changed update dialog when launched from JWS to reduce confusion
added support for background updates of DObjects on device discovery
added "containing device" line to parameter 'Get Info'

-- build 140 -- 17nov03 --
fixed scaling error in PL-series parameter database for PIN 146
fixed bug where dependent parameters sometimes displayed bad values
fixed a bug in the analog setter for dependent parameters
fixed several frame-related errors in the E-series parameter database
changed formatting in E-series parameter database so that decimal digits are always shown

-- build 139 -- 13nov03 --
refined format() behavior when data not yet available
added support for factory automatic serialization
updated requirements section of manual
adjusted menu bar order to better match HIG
fixed error on PL-series zero interlocks page
minor update to PL-series parameter database
fixed bug in marquee zoom code where integer division was used instead of floating point
updated several PL-series page graphics
changed behavior of arrow keys and updated manual 

-- build 138 -- 02nov03 --
fixed errors in PL-series AOP3 and AOP4 pages

--build 137--
fixed bug (regression) in connection validation code

--build 136--
changed parameter information data structures to handle float and double data types in addition to INT16's
refactored handling of signed INT16's and booleans
in several places, replaced c-style enums with typesafe enums
fixed a bug in the PL-series bitfields where bit names could be treated as enumerations

--build 135--
changed Boolean type handling to accomodate PL - any non-zero value is now treated as true

--build 134--
added scripting support for 'set-address'

--build 133--
fixed a race bug in the PL-series internal connection data preload thread

--build 132--
added feature so that if last window closed is maximized, the app will start up with the initial
 window maximized (on platforms that support explicitly maximized windows, e.g. Windows)

--build 131--
added separate 'Page Setup...' menu item and made page setup parameters persistent

due to PL-series parameter database problems in build 129 and earlier,
 any system files saved from phantoms created with build 129 or earlier should 
 be thrown away and recreated (or sent to Bardac for repair).  Certain hidden 
 parameters were set to values that prevent the current loop from working.
 (Build 130 corrected the problems and was released on 2 October 2003)

--build 130--
refined "not at default" behavior so that parameters with incoming connections do not show adornment
added support for PLA product
added note to manual regarding import into PL-series of PIN's 2 and 4
fixed a couple more PL-series parameter database issues
added note to manual regarding PL-series internal connections
added support for display of PL-series bitfield parameters (both 8-bit and 16-bit)
modified PL-series 'Calibration' page to incorporate some additional parameters
fixed graphics bug where the update region was calculated incorrectly for strings

--build 129--
fixed a few minor typos in the manual
fixed a bug where parameters in phantoms would take a long time to update

--build 128--
added mutex to code that builds DVG document data structure to handle dynamic changes
fixed a couple more PL-series parameter database issues

--build 127--
added note to manual warning about importing to a different IP address
added note to manual suggesting the use of JUMPER's rather than drive.web connections in the PL-series
fixed several bugs in PL-series parameter database
reworked frame sizing code; added menu to choose frame size for phantoms
fixed a bug where if a parameter had both an outgoing driveweb connection an an internal outgoing connection
 it would show as a duplicate
added an adornment to writable parameters indicating "not at default"
updated manual for above

--build 126--
fixed bug in PL-series parameter database for PIN 899 - wrong default and range
added destination index to outgoing connections in 'Get Detailed Info'
fixed bug in PL-series where unread GOTO information would appear as duplicate connections during import
fixed multithreading bug in device polling (name/password/group/connection change detection)

--build 125--
added code to ensure parameters in a connection list are visible when using keyboard navigation
modified discover DTD to allow an empty top-level element
removed restriction from "Create Discovery File" where phantoms were excluded
the device list in the 'Import Data...' dialog is now sorted using the same comparator as the Device Directory
the device list in the 'Export Data...' dialog is now sorted using the same comparator as the Device Directory
import file data is now matched to devices by IP address alone (rather than both name and IP address)
added terminal numbers to the 'Engineering Info' pages for both the PL-series and the E-series
fixed an error in the PL-series 'AOP3' page - wrong physical terminal number

--build 124--
fixed a bug where the source parameter connection for PL-series internal GETFROM's was not shown

--build 123--
workaround for bug on Mac OS X with "brushed metal look"

--build 122--
fixed a couple of minor errors in the manual
fixed scaling error for parameter 489 in the PL-series
accommodated bug in PL-series where parameters 691 & 692 and 693 & 694 were transposed
updated support for Mac OS X Java 1.4.1 Update 1

--build 121--
3.1 release
Windows 64-bit: 1c3f2769475781a5f0b29bfbb2336bf8e094863d61c22b4af72f3e7d4f9741fc

Windows 32-bit: 3cefdba493a87d00b45546621d37bc7782346fc0ed5288f3f2c7635dcd2ff8fa

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