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Welcome to the world of drive.web!

drive.web is an entirely new Internet accessible distributed control technology for machine or process controls. It uses TCP/IP over Ethernet to provide robust connectivity between drives, remote i/o, PLCs, operator stations and SCADA systems and it incorporates a powerful library of drive control function blocks for a wide range of applications such as PIDs, winder controls, position controls, drive coordination, arithmetic, logic, etc. It is infinitely scaleable and the distributed control concept ensures that it is cost effective for systems of any size or complexity.

drive.web savvy drive system engineering tools are simple and intuitive:

drive.web connectivity
  • drive.web devices (speedys & smartys) connect peer to peer over Ethernet for a completely homogeneous control environment.
  • drive.web devices provide full featured programmable control functions.
  • There is no limit to system size or complexity.
  • ALL system configuration data and touch screen display information is stored in the drive.web devices - everything!
  • Every facet of your system is easily accessible from anywhere.

drive.web Distributed Control

drive.web distributed control uses Ethernet as the backbone for parallel processing in multiple drive.web devices. As you add more devices to a system the processing power increases and there is no loss of performance.

drive.web ethernet automation graphic

speedy Universal Automation Controllers - mounted onboard or embedded in drives
smarty Universal Automation Controllers - mounted anywhere to provide system i/o and programmable control functions
savvyPanel touch screen PC or iOS device controller
savvy tools for system design, drive configuration, monitoring, and control

drive.web performance

drive.web uses distributed control over Ethernet to provide peer to peer connectivity between programmable controllers, drives, HMIs and all your i/o.

  • Connections between parameters are point to point directly over ethernet.
  • Every drive.web device is powerful programmable controller that performs parallel processing over Ethernet.
  • Logic and control functions can be performed in any device.
drive.web ethernet performance graphic
  • Ethernet provides a very fast backbone to a drive.web system that is unlimited in the number of devices that can be connected.
  • The Ethernet backbone is far less expensive and far better performing than any PLC rack, PSU and CPU.
  • The drive.web Ethernet architecture ensures that there is no loss of performance, regardless of how many devices are on the network.
  • Each drive.web device adds parallel processing power to the system so that you NEVER run out of processing capacity.
  • A drive.web system has unlimited processing capacity unlike a conventional PLC or PAC.
  • A drive.web system can accommodate an unlimited amount of i/o without performance loss unlike a conventional PLC or PAC.
  • A drive.web system uses one set of savvy tools from any location on your network for everything, unlike a conventional PLC or PAC system.

Introducing the new smarty

The Ultimate Programmable Controller

Unlimited analog & logic i/o

Unlimited processing capacity

Unlimited networking

Cost effective in systems of any size or complexity!

16-bit, bidirectional, analog i/o as low as $19 per point! Unbeatable!

Buy Now
smarty series 2 Key smarty features:
  • More processing power and memory
  • Compact DIN mounting packaging 4.1" high, 4.8" deep, 0.9" wide
  • Easy interface to most drives
  • Stand alone or peer-to-peer networked over Ethernet
  • 10/100baseTX Ethernet
  • Full duplex with auto-negotiation and auto-crossover
  • 8 configurable terminals, +/-10v analog in or out or 24v digital in
  • 8 configurable terminals, 0-10v analog in or 24v digital in or out
  • 1 or 2 encoder inputs with marker and retransmit
  • 1 or 2 RS485 ports
  • Firmware field upgradable
...and much more!

There are four basic drive.web product groups:

savvy SFD software


device configuration & full featured system design tools

a powerful package of systems design, documentation, operation and diagnostics software tools.  savvy is platform independent (runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.) and can be downloaded free.

The savvy-SFD upgrade provides Signal Flow Diagram features with enhanced graphical display, powerful system navigation tools and smart system documentation features.



Integrated touch screen technology for PCs and iOS devices

a powerful, multi-level, multi-display, graphical operator station technology that will run on any touch screen computer (Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, etc). Touching an image tile enables you to drill down to additional detail screens or to change setpoint values.

The entire display configuration is stored in the drive.web drives and programmable controllers in your system for ultra-reliable control and WiFi roaming interface.

smartysmarty 2


Universal Automation Controller

a range of DIN rail mounted distributed control processors with a variety of i/o options that can either work as a stand alone processor or can interface to AC drives, DC drives, PLCs, SCADA systems and Operator stations. They are more versatile, easier to program and less expensive than a PLC in typical drive systems applications.

e-series ac vector drive and pl-series dc digital drive


Embedded Automation Controller

a range of high speed drive.web processor boards and modules that plug into a drive's fast communications interface or option board slot. speedy boards and modules are available with dedicated interfaces to key drives including:

AC Drives

  • Bardac Drives: ODP Series vector drives
  • Invertek: Optidrive Plus Sensorless vector drive
  • PDL Electronics: ME series & UE series AC flux vector drives
  • Yaskawa: F7 Series vector drives

DC Drives

  • Bardac Drives: PL Series and PLX series 3-Phase Regenerative drives
    and K-series single phase DC Drives
  • Sprint Electric: 3-Phase Regenerative Digital DC drives Models, 340/680/1220,
    3600XRi, Single phase DC Drives
  • Eurotherm: ERPL Series regenerative digital DC Drives

Other popular drives will soon be added to the list. Please call for details.

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