PL-series DC Drive Configuration Notes

WARNING: This software can be connected to a drive to provide real time ability to start and stop your machine unexpectedly, change its speeds suddenly, and alter its behavior in a ways that can cause danger and death. This software must only be used by experienced, qualified personnel who are completely familiar with the software, control equipment and the machine.

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: Read and understand the drive manuals prior to using this software. Accuracy of information contained in this software cannot be guaranteed. Always refer to the manuals supplied with the drive when using this software. If in doubt call (USA) 410-604-3400 for help before proceeding.

Before using this software to configure a PL-Series DC Drive:

  1. Ensure that the drive manuals are available for immediate reference at all times.
  2. Using the drive manuals, ensure that the drive is installed and wired correctly.
  3. Follow the start-up procedure in the drive manual and ensure that the start/stop sequencing, direction of rotation of the motor, autotune, speed referencing and scaling, and safety stop override are all installed and operating correctly.
  4. Ensure that the drive and motor are suitable for the application and that the machine and control scheme are operating safely and as specified by the machine designer.
  5. Read the savvy manuals contained in the Help menu and ensure that you are completely familiar with the features and limitations of this software.
  6. Follow the procedures outlined in Getting started with savvy to interface savvy to a PL-Series DC drive or to create a "Phantom" drive.

PL-Series DC Drive Graphical Configuration Notes

Initializing A PL-Series Drive Signal Flow Diagram

WARNING: always initialize or load configuration files when the drive is in a stop condition with C-STOP on terminal 34 open. Do not attempt to close C-STOP or start the drive until you are completely sure that the configuration you have installed is safe to run.

Once a drive is discovered via Ethernet or serial connection, the drive's parameter values and internal connections are recognized by savvy-SFD. When you click on the drive icon to drill down from the "Directory" level to the "Function Block Engine" level you will see a list of all of the drive connections and function blocks on the left and an empty graphic display to the right. To initialize the graphics you can either:

  1. Select Load default graphics from the FBE menu.
  2. Drag each function block icon from the list into the diagram and build your diagram from scratch.
  3. Right-click on the drive icon at the top of the list column, select Import Device Data from the contextual menu and import a configuration file that has been created previously.

WARNING: importing device data will overwrite all the data in the drive and may cause the drive to start unexpectedly.

Creating configurations & systems with drive.web savvy

Refer to the Getting started with savvy guide and the savvy User Manual located in the Help menu before working with drives or creating system configurations.

For PL-Series Parameter Save function, choose Save all parameters to EEPROM from the Device Contextual Menu.