PL-Series Serial Limitations


On the PL-series DC Drive, several parameters are not writable via the serial communications port. This is due to internal limitations of the drive software. The affected parameters are listed below.

You should review the following list to ensure that using the serial port will not cause you problems. Note that fitting a speedy board to the drive and using Ethernet will avoid these limitations

Parameters Which Are NOT Writable via Serial Link

2) Rated Armature Amps 803) Passive Rated Field Current
4) Rated Field Amps 857) 3-Phase Field Enable
187) Port 1 Baud Rate 859) Iarm Inst Strength
188) Port 1 Function 860) Armature Current Commissioning Mode
193) Port 1 Group ID 865) Adaptive Iarm Control Enable
194) Port 1 Unit ID 866) Adaptive Iarm Discon. Gain
196) Port 1 DOP3 RTS Mode 867) Adaptive Iarm Enable Threshold
199) Fieldbus Data Control 868) Bridge Switch Discon. Gain
721) Reduced Menu Enable 869) Bridge Switch Hysteresis T.C.
723) Menu Language 870) PLL Proportional Gain In Lock
724) Password 871) PLL Integral Gain In Lock
725) Stored Password 872) Mains Sync Offset
774) Instrument Identity 873) Iarm Firing Angle Backstop
776) Fieldbus Output 9 GOTO 874) Iarm Firing Angle Pivot
777) Fieldbus Output 10 GOTO 875) Min. Iarm Blanking Interval
778) Fieldbus Output 11 GOTO 876) Field Firing Angle Frontstop
779) Fieldbus Output 12 GOTO 877) Field Firing Angle Backstop
780) Fieldbus Output 13 GOTO 878) Field Current Fbk Sample Delay
781) Fieldbus Output 14 GOTO 880) Peak Iarm Detector Amplitude Comp.
782) Fieldbus Output 15 GOTO 881) Peak Iarm Detector Interval Comp.
783) Fieldbus Output 16 GOTO 882) Scan Iarm Demand Level
784) 3-Button Recipe Lock Defeat 883) Scan T.C.
787) driveweb Watchdog Timer 884) Bemf Calc. Iafb Ave Level
792) Fieldbus Output Bit 1 GOTO 885) Zero Ia Inst Detector Level
793) Fieldbus Output Bit 2 GOTO 886) Iarm Autocal Enable
794) Fieldbus Output Bit 3 GOTO 887) Iafb Ave Zero Offset
795) Fieldbus Output Bit 4 GOTO 888) Ia Inst Zero Offset
796) Fieldbus Output Bit 5 GOTO 889) Iarm FeedForward Gain
797) Fieldbus Output Bit 6 GOTO 890) AOP3 User Configured
798) Fieldbus Output Bit 7 GOTO 891) Global Health Override
799) Fieldbus Output Bit 8 GOTO 895) Min Display Refresh Time
801) Passive Rated Armature Current

Parameters Which Are NOT Included in a Serial Link Export or Menu List

Highlighted by indication: <parameter cannot be exported>.

Reduced Menu Enable Enter Password
Alter Password Language Select
16-Bit Demultiplex Get From Enable Goto,Getfrom
3-Key Lock Defeat Special Option Field