savvy Updates

The savvy software is regularly updated and a check is performed each time the software is started while there is an internet connection.

Please update the software when informed to ensure best performance. Click the OK button, to open a browser window at the particular update page for your computer's operating system. You must click on the download link for the installer package. (Internet access is required to update savvy.)

Updating in Windows

For Windows operating systems, the browser downloads a zip file which must be consequently unzipped or extracted. This is typically in a temporary location as the files can be discarded following installation. In the following screenshot from Windows 10, click 'Extract All' to begin.

Once extracted, double-click on the file named 'setup.exe' to open a Windows 'Setup Wizard'.

Updating in MacOS

Double-click to open 'savvy.dmg', the downloaded disk image. Simply drag the savvy icon on top of the Applications icon to update. Here is a screenshot of the open disk image in MacOS -

Updating in Linux

The browser will download a file named 'savvy.jar'. Simply replace this file in the previous installation to update.

Contact us for custom installation instructions, command line invocations, etc.

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