Network requirements

savvy uses UDP on port 48556. Some firewalls may need to have this port opened. WindowsXP firewall special information

An Ethernet hub may be used for monitoring only. An Ethernet switching hub is strongly recommended and is required if control connections are to be made between drives.

Hardware requirements

A 2GHz or better CPU is preferred; a 1GHz CPU is minimum. The application may run on slower machines, but will be sluggish and may suffer from comms timeouts.

For 32-bit machines -

4GB RAM is preferred.

2GB RAM is minimum.

For 64-bit machines -

8GB RAM is preferred.

4GB RAM is minimum.

An XGA (1024x768) or higher screen resolution is strongly recommended. Higher screen resolutions, e.g., SXGA (1280x1024) or UXGA (1600x1200) are desirable. The software will likely work with lower resolution screens, but it is not designed or tested for resolutions less than XGA.

A wheelmouse is recommended.

Software requirements

Current builds of savvy run on Java 7 or newer. Java allows savvy to run on a large number of platforms, including Windows XP, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, Solaris, etc. To update Java, click here.

savvy updates

When savvy is launched, a check is made to see if there is a newer version available. If so, you will be asked if you want to update. If you click the OK button, the new version will be automatically downloaded, validated, and installed. (Internet access is required to update savvy.)